Girls Aloud singles rate

Because why not, eh? I'm surprised nobody has done this yet. There should still be a lot of love for them on the forum...

21. Walk This Way - 4.61
20. I Think We're Alone Now - 5.18
19. See the Day - 5. 25
18. I'll Stand by You - 5.31
17. Jump - 6.2
16. Life Got Cold - 6.36
15. Long Hot Summer - 6.49
14. Whole Lotta History - 6.56
13. Wake Me Up - 7.48
12. Love Machine - 7.56
11. Can't Speak French - 7.75
10. The Show - 8.02
09. The Promise - 8.22
08. Sound of the Underground - 8.33
07. Untouchable - 8.41
06. The Loving Kind - 8.45
05. Something Kinda Ooooh - 8.68
04. No Good Advice - 8.74
03. Sexy! No No No... - 8.79
02. Call the Shots - 8.96
01. Biology - 9.13
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Finally! One of these I care enough about to do!

I fully expect Walk This Way to be last and it will be a damn shame.
PM'd! I'm very particular about my Girls Aloud, some of the cheesy stuff is amazing whereas some of it is just downright awful in my book, and I've marked accordingly.
I thought you'd never ask!!!

was going to the gym but a thunder storm just started and anyway this is FAR more important than my ever expanding waistline.

Unlike some recent single rates nothing here will be getting much beneath a five (Yes I'm looking at you 'I Think We're Alone Now') whereas there will be a good smattering of 9's and 10's. Far and away the best singles band of the last decade even if it did go a bit to pot towards the end.
I'd want pretty much everything off Tangled Up that isn't Can't Speak French/Crocodile Tears to win.

Oh Close To Love, why were you never a single..
jinzo said:
I'd want pretty much everything off Tangled Up that isn't Can't Speak French/Crocodile Tears to win.

Oh Close To Love, why were you never a single..

'Close To Love' being released would have enlivened the whole era.

The last 5 singles are all perfectly pleasant but I expect more than 'pleasant' from the girls.
I have already sent my rating.

'Girl overboard' should have been a single.

It is still a mystery for me why GA never were promoted outside the UK (while Cheryl Cole's record was promoted in Europe with good results). They are (or were) generic enough to be successful everywhere.


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See I think the Girls Aloud have a very British sound that would be hard to see success outside of the UK especially in America. They have a very different sound and luckily had the TV exposer at the start and then turned into something really great
Overall, I think their singles output would have been better off if it had ended in about 2007. Can't Speak French was a surprisingly effective latterday record, but the real magic left with the Greatest Hits era. For a time, say 2003-2005, they were thrillingly, almost dismissively, unpredictable in a rather magical way. You'd get the album and not really know what the hell you were in for. Tangled Up was the start of the decline for me. It all sounded too much the same.


Really? I thought Tangled Up onwards was the most consistent era. Before that it was mostly crap with a few exceptions (No Good Advice, Wake Me Up, Biology). I'd say the goodness started with Something Kinda Ooh but unfortunately that was followed by the biggest pile of stinking shit I've ever heard.

graffiti my soul

I'm so glad this is here, I was thinking about it yesterday.

I'd say the best era is from What Will the Neighbours Say? to Chemistry, for me it was the most fun and poppy! Who could forget the amazing tracks like The Show, Love Machine, Graffiti My Soul (ahem), Biology, Models, It's Magic, Waiting....I could go on!
Can we rate songs 12/10? I find it impossible to rate some of these because they're so good.

This thread has inspired me to listen to their singles box set.
Great idea! The lowest score I gave was a 6. They had (or have) an amazing singles run, even the weaker songs are listenable.

I'm quite surprised people are saying that it went downhill after the Greatest Hits. Tangled Up is my favourite Aloud album I think, it's probably their most cohesive and consistent one (like someone said before).