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Girls Aloud - Something New

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mushroom, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. They were for a couple of weeks, though. I distinctly remember because I had no money in my account at the time. *cries*
  2. I pre-ordered mine the second they announced it. Memory Of You on CD?! I'd have paid twice as much as whatever the hell it was at the time for that alone.

    Part of me wishes the new single was, erm, Pretty Girl, by Stockholm Syndrome - it's utter trash but at least it's... unusual, with it's tempo shift and Daft Punk vibe.
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  3. This track has neither use nor beauty. Try harder next time girls.
  4. I'd love an 'Albums package' in the style of Kylie's 'The Parlophone Years,' collection - with each album in it's own cardboard slip case and possibly expanded to include additional tracks and a booklet containing info on the recording process, single choices and unseen pics from each era's photoshoots.
  5. Well that would be just too good to be true.
  6. Well they did it with the singles boxset so never say never! It would be a lovely treat for the fans
  7. Have you heard the single ?

    Yeah, no.

    Not gonna happen.
  8. Horace cries.
  9. What am I missing here? A boxset? Anyone has a link? Please?
  10. We're just talking about the original singles boxset.
  11. I think this:

    Qualifies as "shit-stirring" as well as posting with the premise of "who's better" in mind (especially when they have no relevance or need to this thread) counts as pitting them (women) against each other.
  12. Presumably at some point I'll stop getting chills when the beat-drop/vocodor bit starts.
  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I know, right? Girls Aloud never "split up", they just took a break. So none of this "last hurrah" business, alright ladies? They should be back to business as usual.
  14. A randomer says "hi".
  15. It is a bit sad how easily (so far) they've been able to just not do what they said they were going to and have most of us not only be fine with it, but consider it a gift or something. I'm one of those people, mind you.
  16. Because I like my popstars to dance, to move... the stage was shit, the f****** ramps! there wasn't enough space for them to move (and the choreography was also a bit shit), during the Tangled Up tour they filled the space as a group, they walked around the stage a lot better than during the OOC tour.

    I actually prefer the Chemistry tour, it's my second favourite tour of them. I enjoy every performance.
  17. With all of the singles in Top 10 (and well, Untouchable which is amazing) I doubt they'll leave any single out. It's either gonna be a one CD with 23-24 songs or a double CD with lots of new songs, remixes, unreleased etc. I hope for the latter...
  18. I like Something New. It's clever. "Here's Something New from Girls Aloud", "The GH Disc including Something New". I find it clever and witty, haha!
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    24 songs on one disc is not gonna fit, and I'd kinda hate for the singles to just be randomly divided over two discs (unless there's some sort of reason behind it, like the party tracks on one and the emotional ones on another).
    Still praying for 'Something Old/Something New'. Leaves disc 1 for the 21 singles, and disc 2 for some nice new material.
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