Girls Aloud - TEN (Greatest Hits)

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That's it, once the two songs are out, I'm making an EP of the four new songs, Memory of You and the three last b-sides we got. It'll be fantastic.

You can call it 'Something Old & Something New". Marketing genius right there!

Every Now And Then sounds awesome, thank you to whoever posted about extended previews via itunes
The Singles Box was 'sold out' but miraculously appeared a few months later at a fraction of the original price...
Yeah and 4 years later they still can't shift them, not even when giving them away free with Chemistry.

They'll probably have learnt their lesson there....


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Maybe I'll buy a boxset while in the country...then again the shipping sounds like real motherfucking BS.
I'd much rather have a joint-commentary from Louis Walsh and Javine.

Haha can you imagine?

When the Biology video appears

Louis : This is the video I came to see the girls and said that none of them are fat anymore
Javine : You see them dresses they're wearing? That should be me in one of them.

Infact in every music video Javine tells of how it should of been her on that beach in CTS, she should of been in that gold glittery dress for The Promise but by Untouchable there's no more from her as she's crying cuddled in a ball on the floor.

I have nothing against Javine though, just I don't think she would of worked, they're all Northern even Nadine in Northern Ireland.
My HMV edition and box set edition were dispatched today. Colour me excited! The clips of the new songs sound very exciting in a familiar way.
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