Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

Does anyone know if June 25, 26 and 27 shows (London/O2) are still available? The links say not valid here. Are they sold out too?
I’m still in disbelief I’m actually going to this? Like in a few months?

I gotta book my flight

I haven’t been clubbing for around a year, went out at the weekend for my 31st birthday. Something New came on. Normally when a Girls Aloud track plays, I of course bop along. But this time, I let out a SHRIEK because it dawned on me that I’m actually seeing them live in a few months!
Yeah I can't believe I'm going either! I find it such a scream that whenever any friends or relatives have asked me if I'm coming over I've flat out said I don't have the money, but as soon as Girls Aloud announce a tour I make it work and fly over for two and a half weeks fff

I mean I've been pretty much saving all of my spare money and going out a lot less than usual (I've only been to the pub once this year!) but it will be so worth it in the end!!
Yeah I’m completely in money saving mode now too just because of travel alone. I can’t believe the flight prices from NYC to London this June, especially when I was just there in November.
It definitely would be a good idea for them to lean into their videos/visuals a bit more as inspiration for the tour as it’s something that they’ve never really done before.

Motorbikes for Wake Me Up? Test tubes for Biology? Orbs for Untouchable?

Definitely long, airy dresses for Sexy! No No No to be ripped once the song kicks in.
I hope that they will film some pretty visuals and backdrops. Ten Tour had what, 3 additional visuals? I hope that we can get a bit more than that.