Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*


So... no new music? This video was all to promote a tour with no new music?

I'm sorry but I'm extremely disappointed. Might not even bother getting tickets. I went to the TEN Tour, I'll cherish that memory. (Yes I'm bitter. But my country just voted an extreme right fascist party as the largest party, so I'm double bitter)

Tour Poster in full force from their official website
Nadine and especially Nicola look like a million dollars! Nicola really is that beutiful swan that continues to tranform beautofully.

I really hope they change their minds about making new music. It would be a shame to not bring out some new tunes.
I think there is a significant likelihood we'll be getting unreleased Girls Aloud music, along with potentially alternate versions and things like that, even if we are not getting new music.

At 51:50 of the podcast from this past July below, Such A Good Feeling with Steve Anderson, Miranda Cooper says the following, talking about how fresh the Xenomania songs of the noughties still sound:

Steve Anderson (Host): "It’s the 20th Anniversary of [Sound of the Underground]—one of the most revered pop songs in history. It's kind of cool, isn't it?

Miranda Cooper: It’s nuts! It's very cool. And it's so lovely because just so many young people are always just saying, “Oh my God, that song slaps!” It's just awesome! And it is, I mean, my daughter's been playing it nonstop. It still stands out, like you said, all of them, they do that because they weren't sort of super fashionable at the time. They were at their own direction. So many Xenomania songs just weren't, you know…they stand the test of time because they weren't following any specific trend at the time. And going back actually through the stuff recently with Brian, we were just finding all sorts of sort of unreleased Girls Aloud demos, and they just all sound, they still sound brilliant. They just sound bold and audacious and so exciting. I mean, they sound like we felt, you know, we were just bursting for the world to hear what we could do and try to prove ourselves and show people, you know, because, because we, like I said, we couldn't get a respite at first, so […]"

Why else would they be going through the old Girls Aloud demos so thoroughly? And why together? My understanding is that Miranda doesn't do much with Xenomania anymore? It just seems like it would be for the reunion, most likely, though it is true that Xenomania like to mix-and-match bits from various songs.

Here is the relevant clip from the podcast: