Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

Coming in clutch with those receipts! It's interesting to see how much of it is cut from a visual perspective. I enjoy both (album version superior!) I can't see them performing the single mix though. You can tell it's a bit.. rushed. I think it's one of their most beautiful songs ever, I know they'll give it a proper moment.
I’m most excited to see them perform Something New this time around I think.

Whilst technically not their “best” song, it’s a bop that really was so significant as their first new song in four years. It’s become such a staple of gay clubs etc in the past decade so it feels like one of their biggest hits now outside of their 5-6 signature songs.

I also feel like they never really nailed the live performances of it back in 2012-3 either. The tour arrangement added some nice flourishes to it but the choreography was so stagnant for such an uptempo song.

I hope it’s no longer Cheryl’s least favourite Girls Aloud song!

I hope they’ve upped the ante with the choreography for this one.
The Something New choreography needs less of this

and more of this!


I’ll be flying in from Canada and this makes me incredibly nervous. I emailed them a month ago to see if I can get them emailed and haven’t received a response.

I've had similar issues in US with UK shows only having a shipping tickets option and the resolution is always just going to box office on day of show with proof of purchase. They'll probably email and say they won't be able to fulfill shipping and to do that. This happened with Steps two years ago (Ticketmaster, not Ticketek so maybe we all got scammed)
Hello Alouders Soldiers marching to the beat of your drums while getting to work STEEL.

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Thank you and goodbye kitty cats
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