Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

That was absolutely phenomenal.

Opening with Untouchable was absolute genius. Completely unexpected. I like that they can surprise us like that still!

The setlist really was just hit after hit and I was going crazy for the album tracks! The girls just looked so happy to be there and were all on top form. The dancers were also fantastic.

The staging took me a few songs to kinda get used to - initially I thought it felt very bare, but you literally cannot take your eyes off the girls and the dancers and that’s what it’s all about. The podiums, the motorbikes, the Sexy No No No dresses!! They make excellent use of the catwalks too.

And most importantly - the tributes to Sarah were done so tastefully and every single one got me welling up with tears. They really nailed it.

Overall it is a fantastic show and a real celebration of Girls Aloud. I’d have liked some more costumes maybe, but not the end of the world.


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Sarah bits are perfect.
Intro.. could have done with a bit more of a buildup? Like no video, them just standing there for the instrumental.. I almost missed the ice skaters. I also agree with those saying the stage looks a bit bare, but it might also be the small venue that makes it look a bit whelming.
(I'm sure it's all great when you're there though)
Posting this without reading the thread as I’m avoiding spoilers

Can someone please send me a private message with any spoiler-free bits of info such as:
What are the start and end times?
What is the kitty kat zone like? Any tips on the best place to stand?
Is there a b stage?
Is there a live band?
Whoa this looks epic!

I'm just starting to catch up but:

1. They FINALLY had the Sexy! No No No dresses on tour, I've been dreaming of this since I first saw the music video.
2. The setlist is exciting but... I want all those songs on my date.
3. No Loving Kind pains my heart, but I guess it's ok.
4. I really do hope there's some kind of recording of this.
5. Kimba doing Sarah's part for ''On the Metro'', I'm so happy and so sad at the same time.

Is that... Kim doing Sarah's part? I'm blown away
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I hope they avoid Sound of the Underground as the opener and The Promise as the closer as it would just feel like too much of a retread of the Ten Tour.

In terms of openers, I keep coming back to three options…

Untouchable - as an ethereal, unusual, unexpected opener

The Show - as the obvious, grand opener which matches the title of the tour

Something New - as the explosive, straight out of the blocks opener.

I also keep imagine something like Madonna’s current tour where the ethereal opening song stands on its own (Nothing Really Matters/Untouchable) before whipping off the cloak and jumping straight into a banger (Holiday/The Show or Something New).

What can I say?