Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

Avoiding spoilers, but if one of the nicer girlies in here could reply and let me know where’s best to stand in the Kitty Kat zone I would be so grateful!
Just a heads up to anyone traveling to Dublin show tonight. I’ve just passed through city centre and another serious accident causing streets to be closed off and public transport diverted so more traffic chaos. Hopefully will be cleared up by later.
Will there even be a b-stage? I thought it was missing from all seating plans.

Jacques said they have a friend working on the tour who confirmed it (would tag but I remember they said they’re avoiding the thread).

Perhaps it might be a really small stage? For a ballad or two? Guess we’ll find out in Belfast.
I feel like the videos aren't going to reflect how the show will feel in person. To me it has an almost intimate feeling to it while still having the spectacle we expect of the girls. It's the kind of show that could become an annual thing and they could tour every few years with it.

Glorious 4 star review from The Guardian, also love this shot -