Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

So does this tour confirm that there is indeed a studio recording of Sarah's iconic adlib in The Promise? Pairing it with the revamped 2nd verse, would it be possible if they could just release a tour version?
Yeah I wish we had this the new Whole Lotta History and I’ll Stand By You as part of the whole damn show release.
Do we think there is any chance of them sticking around after this? I understand if they don't but seeing them back on stage together just feels so right.
I have no doubt they'll be doing a second round of shows next summer with some UK festivals. With some editing it can be basically an all killer GP-friendly singles set for an hour or so, perfectly for Glastonbury/Isle of Wight fest/etc.
Yeah it looks like a new screen comes down in front of the girls - maybe it couldn’t be accommodated at the first show. Which would be why they don’t turn around now.

Can’t speak for first night, but last night during the break before the encore, the stagehands came on stage and hurriedly attached the “guaze” screen and hoisted up - before the girls came on for The Promise.