Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

As much as I love and worship Memory Of You... I just don't think it would translate well to a live performance at a concert. Unless there's some huge concept/visuals to go with it. Cheryl and Nadine will be stood there with nothing to do for 4 minutes.

Perhaps some kind of B-side/deep cut medley would work better.
I mean they changed who sung what for See The Day on the Chemistry Tour so they could definitely give it a go!
For the Glasgow show, I’m contemplating not trying for Saturday tickets and praying they add a Friday show. But if they add the Sunday instead I will regret it as I’m seeing Taylor that day. Ughh decisions.
My bestie who knows people who work for the hydro said the 9th and 10th are provisionally booked for other dates.
I know it doesn’t mean a whole lot but the Ticketmaster Ireland post on IG has 22 comments where as most of the other posts have at the very most 6, mostly only 2! There’s interest for sure.


Yeah they’ve been basically confirmed for ages. Bit of conflicting info but…

(Credit to whoever posted these - I didn’t screenshot them with the intent to share them any further than my friends)

ah I’ve not seen the first pic from Pink News, thank you!