Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

Girls, I want to purchase a ticket but I don't exactly understand or know which hall/date is best and recommended.
If I want the best concert experience - which concert is the best to go to?
Yes. Cardiff is standing.


Thank you though!
So just to confirm, we purchase tickets on Ticketek? I got the presale for that and from the official website (they’re the same).

Edit: the shows are showing on Ticketmaster too? Ahh will they both work?
The London prices are mad considering the only good tickets are essentially the 200+ ones.

Do we know where the B stage will be?


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Doesn’t Ticketek just bring you to the one venue you choose?

I realise now why I don’t get all this hysteria over prices and ticket tiers. Dublin is seated and always has a pretty standard pricing. It’s rare there’s a “VIP Section”, sometimes it’s even just down to being first in line and getting to the ‘front’, or whatever the pit may be (which won’t suit me cus I plan on being on the Prosecco Express at some sort of late brunch until near enough stage time)