Girls Aloud - The Girls Aloud Show *SPOILERS*

The demand for this is much higher than I thought going by how fast the 3presale sold for Dublin. We’ll definitely see more dates being added on Friday so I’m sure everyone will get what they want. I decided to splurge on the Kitty Kat Zone for myself, hope they don’t perform with their backs to me the whole time dd!
I just got through and got tickets in Block 111 for Saturday in London! So so buzzed, and my friend has never seen them before!

(A bit of advice if and when people get through, on Ticketek you select your price range (£111 for me) and it auto selects seats for you, but you can change them and select others. I had a look at the relevant blocks in that price bracket, and there wasn’t much available in 111, nothing in 102, but plenty in 103/104 it that helps).