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Girls Aloud - The Primrose Ball (Oct 8) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Just listened to Kimberley and Nicola on Radio 2, a few tears but it is lovely to hear them talking about Sarah.
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  2. Aw that was a lovely interview. Zoe Ball was such a sweetheart with them too, she was very reassuring and gave them plenty of time to speak.

    Kimberley will be on IG Live with Nicola throughout the race.
  3. Cute interview this morning and like they said it’ll be an emotional day on Sunday to see them together doing this for their electric girl!
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  4. ADM


  5. Memory of You Live Lounge performance when?

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  6. 2014

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    This...seems a little insensitive? Considering why they were really there...
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  7. A little video snippet of the interview today
  8. Oh girls.
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  9. Such beautiful words from the girls and the host was so nice too.

    In a completely different tone, how does Kim look like she's just straight out of Popstars? Ageless.
  10. I was so sad listening their interview. You could feel the sadness in their voice and it must be terrible for them. It's amazing that they find the strenght to organize this event and that they raise money for cancer research - Sarah would be proud.
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  11. I wish their team had got an official Girls Aloud Instagram up and running. Maybe it's in the pipeline, but just thought it'd be great for promoting the fundraising events over the next few months, and maybe celebrating the 20 years. If they ever do decide to do something in the future music/performing wise, they'd have built up a good follower count.
  12. TMI


    I think finding that previous comment insensitive is overreacting. One can be touched and sad with what happened last year and aware of the importance of this interview and make a gentle music comment on a music forum at the same time because music is still what holds us to together.
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  13. I agree, it would be so beautiful for both the fans and for tributes of fans if there was a page celebrating all things Girls Aloud.
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  14. It doesn’t seem like they have a team. They’d have to reopen the Girls Aloud company they shut down after they split wouldn’t they? Maybe they don’t want the trouble right now.
  15. I know future output is pretty much DOA but I would love rereleases of the original run with more bonuses. I feel like maybe they could ink part of the deal to include a certain percentage of sales going toward cancer research or something. They being one of the few such consistently prolific pop girl band acts of more recent years, I would love to hear more unheard stuff, especially involving Sarah. She always had such a marvelous tone and range to her voice.

    I really hope this event gives them a little bit of well deserved solace.
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  16. Honestly, it would be nice if Popjusticers could take care of the page. Who better? Girls Aloud are such an integral part of Popjustice and Popjustice is an integral part of Girls Aloud.

    In many ways, this thread is the Girls Aloud Page.
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  18. Whilst the graphic design by Form will always be my favourite Girls Aloud imagery, the Tangled Up single covers are my favourite photographs of them so I had to get them printed!
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