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Girls Aloud - The Primrose Ball (Oct 8) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I sort of hate the use of the word 'ageless', it gets used a lot for famous women. Just say they look beautiful. 'She looks good, for her age.' The last three words aren't needed.
  2. Why do I have no recollection of this?!
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  3. Cos' it's not that great. It's GA's 'forgotten' Number 1.
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  4. Aha no I know the song but not this demo
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  5. Is that a demo? well, I rest my case. I pretty much forget it was ever released!
  6. I actually enjoy ''Walk this Way''.
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  7. Long Hot Summer just hits differently in this current heatwave, doesn’t it. Just brilliant.
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  8. I’ve always been obsessed with the Tony Lamezma Rides Again mix of Long Hot Summer.

    Full Ibiza goodness. I wish it was on streaming.
  9. upu


    I wish Money will be on streaming one day too.
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Did Sarah tap the table?
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  11. *fookin table
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  12. I wish Girls Aloud's singles would get the same treatment The Saturdays singles got on Spotify, maybe at the very least they could do that for the 20th anniversary? I'd love all the remixes to be available world-wide.
  13. Thereby ending my 12-year ritual of adding them as local Spotify files every time I update my phone!
  14. I downloaded the digital version of the boxset a while back and it's truly brilliant. I hope they throw them all on streaming eventually.
  15. I was just commenting on how radiant Nicola looks and how she doesn’t appear to have aged at all in the last fifteen years. I was, in no way shape or form, calling her old.

    It was a very genuine and heartfelt compliment - and one that I would give to my closest and most treasured female friends.

    It’s disappointing to have my words misconstrued in this way.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I think people were just saying they don't like the word ageless, they weren't accusing you of anything.
  17. It wasn't intended as personal @MrJames I was commenting on the use of the word in general. For example, it gets used a lot in the Kylie threads, and it makes me wince a little.

  18. Still their defining moment for me. All these years later it still sounds like the first time every time.
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  19. I threw on the Girls Alive EP today. It BOPS. They really need to release a proper live album. MTV Special is another good one (I ripped it from the DVD a few years ago, which was well worth the time).
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  20. I’ve realised that I have grown really fond of the debut album over time. It sits really well alongside the other early 00s pop-girl classics and has a whole host of bops on it.

    I think it’s only because Girls Aloud would go on to release such earth-shatteringly exceptional albums later in their career that Sound of the Underground has seemed weaker in comparison. It still holds up as a great album in its own right.
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