Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

It would be a different Girls Aloud without Sarah but realistically they could do it as long as Nadine is there. Shes the only one who is essential due to her lead vocals.

Would they want to do it without her though? That's the big question. Hopefully it never comes to this.

There's zero chance they would do Girls Aloud without her. No way they'd even consider it.
I’m not even going to click on a The Scum/Dan Wooton link but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if there are “sources” about potential reunion plans just to get more coverage and clicks after Sarah’s news, which is disgusting, but expected from places like that.
A couple of friends and I went out in Soho last night. All of us are, unashamedly, fans of Girls Aloud (some more so than others). When our drinks arrived, one of my friends said, "before we go any further, can we just raise a glass for Sarah Harding who, without Girls Aloud, wouldn't have given us escapism growing up as gay when we didn't know who or how to accept our own sexuality".

And do you know what, those words hit hard.
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