Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

It's taken me a few days to process what I am reading about Sarah's cancer spread, even more so given the short life sentence she so sadly seems to have been dealt with. At times, I am sat thinking "why should I feel this sad? I don't even know Sarah, personally....", but then I think that, regardless of not knowing someone, Sarah Harding (and the other four members) have, and still do play, a huge part of my life; their music was escapism for me, their tours were moments year on year where I felt me, they introduced me truly to music and the obsession of loving an artist.. Sarah, Nicola, Cheryl, Nadine and Kimberley weren't just a band to me, they were (and still are) the soundtrack to so many memories of my life, and still are to this date.

I often sat and mocked the idea of when someone passes, like Michael Jackson, fans weeping or heading to particular significant parts of this figure's career to lay flowers or remember them by, but now I get it. I get that artists have this ability to connect with a fan, on a level that isn't just "here's my songs.. listen to them..". Albeit when the sad moment does arise and we say goodnight to Sarah, I for one already have in my mind that I want to walk through Primrose Hill listening to Girls Aloud, and lay some flowers just subtly and quietly in memory somewhere... just as "here I aaaaam, walking primrose" is playing.
I am so happy they met and watched Off The Record.

I really don't know what else to say. I will be buying Hear Me Out on iTunes on Thursday at 10am and buying the book that day. I just feel so helpless and sad, and there really is nothing anyone can say to make it better. I'm not talking about myself, but rather the horrible and inevitable outcome.

I am however grateful that we have this space to share.
I 've never met Sarah but she is not dying from painkillers or drugs but cancer, and it reminds me of several members of my family I've lost. you run to the doctor for every pain you become paranoid the one time you don't it's why didn't you get that checked, this story is just sadder than most because it could literally happen to anyone. I do hope if she is able to, a one off with the other members for a TV performance or a zoom harmony.
Seeing all of that news and interviews made me extremely sad, you never can expect news like this and it becomes even more heartbreaking to realise how fragile can life be. One of the happy moments coming from this is seeing how girls finally rejoiced together, as they should be, and I bet that their "little reunion" brought lots of good emotions to their lifes.
I had sort of expected this to happen at some point when we found out the cancer was advanced and incurable last year, but hoped that she would still be able to live many years.

It’s so incredibly sad for Sarah, her family and friends and seems so unfair. I hope she gets to do exactly what she wants in the time she has left.

Girls Aloud are the only group that I’ve followed avidly right from their creation. They are my go-to artist I listen to if I’m feeling down, and they always pick me up again. I grew up to their music. I’m so grateful that I got to experience Sarah and the girls live on tour twice - Tangled Up was my first concert.

The song Hear Me Out really takes on a new meaning now. It’s a track I haven’t really paid much attention to in the past but it’s a real emotional listen in the circumstances.
Never in a million years did I think I'd ever be saying I'm happy that the 'reunion' was a behind closed doors affair, for them only, and not for the fans or the public. As a fan knowing all that it (seems to be) water under the bridge now is so heartwarming, and that they're there for Sarah now.
Maybe we all need an Off The Record re-watch.

I watched some of it last night and the nostalgia was real. I remember watching it on E4 at the time and being so invested in seeing what went on behind the scenes. It was quite special seeing them again in their heyday, they were living the dream but wow, the music industry has changed so much! I forgot how much effort would go into promoting a song!

Keisha and the girls having a bitch about the lack of pop at the BRIT Awards in their CD:UK dressing room is just so noughties, ddd.