Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

Honestly I'm forever going to be pressed that they called it quits straight after their most successful era, they could have absolutely dominated the British pop music scene if they continued for a couple more eras.
Honestly I think even one more era would have done it. But it was clear they needed out by that point and from what we know now relationships we’re starting to strain.
I had a 4 hour drive today so did a Girls Aloud discography listen, I think I’ve decided that Long Hot Summer is one of my favourites by them, it’s such a fun song. I love the bizarre outro - “I ricochet around the world, drinking pink champagne, it’s easy” might be one of the best lines ever written in pop music.
Long Hot Summer (and other Girls Aloud tracks) exemplifies how you do masterfully done pop music. The vocal and music production on some songs are underratedly genius.