Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

Their previous YouTube upload of Jump cut off too early, so it’s great to finally have the full video available. And it looks very good!

Yeah they’re really racing through these now! I wonder when the Jump EP will be released? I hope we actually get the Beatmasters Remix of Grease included.

I hope they’re speeding through these singles because they want the Sound of the Underground era done so that they can swiftly move on to What Will the Neighbour Say?… bring on the preorders!

I hope that Form is involved for that album & the Chemistry era reissues. I’d love if they recreated the artworks for the singles so that they’re very high quality/square… but maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath for that, if Universal is satisfied with scans.
I think Form are involved they had a story up on Instagram a while back with the director cut board from The Show artwork so assume they are working on it. I’d love a gatefold vinyl and posters booklets etc. if budgets are there for it.
Super totally random - but Girls Aloud got a mention in Drag Race France latest episode and I SCREAMED.
They were doing a parody of Weakest Link for a mini-challenge and the queens had to list girl groups. Punani mentioned Girls Aloud and that was so unexpected! Other mentions were the PCD, the Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, TLC and L5 so GA was a surprise and that made my evening (especially since she had to pronounce it three times because the host queen didn’t know them haha).
Seeing White Lies mentioned on the Saturdays thread reminded me how much I love White Lies on the debut.

The 'you say you just wanna make me happy' is such a great hook I really think they should've gone with that over Life Got Cold which has never really clicked for me. Although it was a Top3 smasha even if they did nearly get dropped not long after.
I am an old school member here and… I never knew this.

Thank you for exploding my mind.
Yeah it is interesting that Brian did most of the remixes as well as all the album stuff. I'd imagine it was part of the deal with label where Xenomania did everything for a GA project which likely benefited both sides as commissioning remixes can be expensive.