Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

Let’s all just take a second to remember that Wicked Game nearly lead Chemistry!
I think they rushed Long Hot Summer to get the film sound track. If they were further progressed with the album then it might have been a totally different roll out of singles.

Waiting, Wild Horses and Models could have all been strong singles in my opinion. I’d be happy if See The Day was erased. I think Long Hot Summer deserved its moment.

Waiting (1st single)
Biology/Whole Lotta History to launch the album
Wild Horses
I honestly always forget about Long Hot Summer, I like the song but it takes me a minute to realise Biology wasn't the first single from Chemistry. I agree that for an album that housed songs such as Biology, Wild Horses and Watch Me Go, Long Hot Summer had no business being the lead single. It's a nice album track that I always bop to when it comes on but definitely doesn't scream the main selling point of an album campaign.