Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

Honestly, I wonder if there was never an original version fully ready to go? Like, they may have had a couple of slightly different, virtually complete demos they were thinking of choosing from to make the actual release, but it was shelved by Herbie coming to them before they had a chance.

They’ve said Wicked Game was from the WWTNS sessions and the CD says ‘Not final’ so maybe it’s just been ‘finished’ so to speak.
When the girls announced that there wouldn't be any new music, some members still claimed that they had been recording stuff.

Maybe it was just new bits to tweak old demos.


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Expanding to unreleased songs just makes so much sense especially since we know their recording style with Xenomania.

It really feels both a tribute to the group but also Sarah that even in her absence we’re being treated to experiencing their artistry in completely unexpected ways.
I wonder if they’ll try to push the song as a proper promo single or something along those lines. It’s no new music, as in recorded without Sarah, but it will be the first unheard song to be released for over a decade, and of course the first since Sarah’s gone. Considering the anticipation around this legendary track, I can see them pushing it to radios or something. It would be a lovely tribute to Sarah while still being true to their statement regarding no new music recording.
In a world where Murder is among the streaming top songs of 2024, they could definitely do something with Wicked Game.
So any old demos could be polished up and finished, so potentially a lot of unheard material could come on the other reissues too. It's just excited me more to be honest.

Aww, look at this thread from the old board! Looks like it became official on April 4th, 2005, judging by the edit of the first post and a couple of the other posts.

Also, here are some selected interesting posts:

From April 4th, 2005, a disgruntled Girls Aloud fan:

I can't find the Daily Star article referenced now, but someone did mention that the article said the following, which tracks with a Chemistry album release.

On April 13th, 2005, someone said:

Someone on the third page, ironically said,

And, my favorite, showing the absurd melodrama of so many people in the early PJ days. Like, wtf! Lmao

Not these cave paintings. That's history right there