Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

If they hadn’t released Waiting a few years earlier it probably would have been better received. Love is the Key is just a poor retread of Waiting’s production.

Love is The Key ls nice. It probably says a lot about Out of Control that it appears as track 4 on it (it would have been track 9 on any other album post the debut) but it remains a playful, funny, sing-along tune.

It also showcases Kimberley Walsh's unquestionable talent as a lyricist!

The Promise
The Loving Kind
Miss You Bow Wow

Good but not great

Love is the Key
Revolution in the Head
Love Is Pain

Different ranges of awful

Rolling Back the Rivers in Time
Fix Me Up
Live in the Country
We Wanna Party
Turn To Stone

The "feel I could wipe you" lyric from Love Is Pain has always made me cringe, I get that sometimes their lyrics don't make sense but this one isn't even clever it just feels clumsy. Turn To Stone feels a bit incomplete to me, I would be interested in hearing the unreleased dance mix we have a preview of though.

I do think that She, It's Your Dynamite and Memory of You should have all made the album - they're miles better than most of the songs that actually made the cut.