Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? + Album Re-issues

Disagree completely, I always found this Megamix the superior one. Perhaps it’s the nostalgic element of listening to it constantly back in 2005 and hearing it in Popworld back in the day whilst sipping a blue WKD.. I don’t know?

Really? Their Alias Megamix was the first (and almost only) time I cared and loved a megamix. It flows perfectly from one song to the other and the intro is sublime.
Last night I was at a pub quiz and there was a Guess the song round - I weirdly got Girls Allowed and Geri's Bag It Up intros mixed up (they played Bag It Up and my instinct reaction was Girls Allowed, took me 20-ish seconds to realise that it's Bag It Up). Even now after the drinks they kind of sound similar but I never made the connection before.
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