Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? (Mar 8) + General Discussion

It’s disappeared from US streaming, too. There’s something going on at Apple Music/iTunes as lots of albums are dropping one by one. Steps, S Club 7 and some of GA discography have been wiped from those platforms as with numerous other albums.

Welp, time to switch back to Spotify.
I've still got all the girls albums on US Spotify.

I’m a bit of a wreck after watching this.

Kimberley commented on it too!

It is so heartwarming to see all of the girls rallying around Sarah in this way. Their bond - whilst it may not necessarily be best friend vibes - is absolutely bulletproof. I think they really do see each other as family, with all of the arguing and disagreements and drifting apart and eventual returning back together that that entails.
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Re: Wicked Game - I wonder if it was a clearance issue where they couldn't get publishing approval for their cover....I'm so curious about their version, such a random choice!
I don’t know if it’s maybe a sympathetic thing at the moment but social media,TikTok and Twitter in particular, have definitely developed a love and appreciation for Girls Aloud. Or more to the point, finally opened their eyes to the brilliance we’ve all known for 20 years.
All this talk of Sarah has made me incredibly sad and also made me nostalgic so I have been listening to all of Girls Aloud's album.

I am currently listening to their debut album and I remember owning it when I was 11 (with the original and superior cover) and good lord, what a great album. I remember enjoying it as a kid but listening as an adult is a different experience. A debut album with so many highs? Has any other pop girlband achieved this level of quality?

Girls Aloud and Xenomania are such a dynamic team. Have they ever put out a bad album?