Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? (Mar 8) + General Discussion

I’m kinda expecting any release to be quite decent. They have always put quite a bit of effort into their releases giving as much good content as possible with rarities, remixes, b-sides etc I find it hard to believe they would reissue something as crap as the Spice Girls last few attempts.
Does anyone else think that River by Miley Cyrus from her latest album sounds just like a Girls Aloud song that could have been on Tangled Up or Out Of Control?! The ‘Ooh Ooh Oohs’ , the Nadine sounding lead chorus, the spoken word second verse which Kimberly would obviously do!

I can’t help but think of Girls Aloud doing all the parts when it comes on my salon.
If we are manifesting the vinyl editions, then can we please ensure that Christmastry (or whatever we are calling the Christmas album) comes out alongside or as a separate release. Too good of a mini album to not have its own vinyl edition!

Also, make sure the original artwork for Sound of the Underground is used. Such a superior picture. In terms of new/unreleased music, I'll take anything. Obviously unheard songs would be the best, but some alternate versions would suffice.