Girls Aloud - What Will the Neighbours Say? (Mar 8) + General Discussion

I mean I don't think announcing it tomorrow or today is going to make a difference in the preorders, honestly.
I think they probably wanted to have the song available on the night. And maybe the full press release will have information about the available formats. The official charts article said “we don’t know anything about the formats yet”, basically.
I have always wondered why One True Voice’s Sacred Trust was different from Girls Aloud’s version. The girls’ version is as bad as it can be and we can be grateful they went with Sound of The Underground. If there had been a battle between the two versions of Sacred Trust, the girls wouldn’t have won the #1 position surely.
I mean, definitely will be a physical cd, as it mentions discs 1 to 3. Otherwise the tracklist would probably be all together.
I don’t necessarily trust Universal and releasing CD physicals just because of a layout choice online or a certain way metadata was filled out. For example: and neither of these had CDs.
It's giving Spice/Spiceworld 25 but done right - so already imagining pre-orders for a 3CD deluxe book, zoetrope vinyl, picture disc and pink and green double vinyl tomorrow.

Of course we'll always hope to see some truly new/unreleased things with releases like this, but there's no glaring omissions and I guess for the majority of listeners who either stream their music, or haven't been busy collecting all the various releases needed to have these tracks already, it'll all be new anyway.

I hope the other albums follow and are just as comprehensive as this with some surprises (manifesting Wicked Game).
Happy with the alternative vocals version being made available on streaming tonight!!

Other than that, I want to be excited about this re-issue but I just can’t right now. I don’t know if it’s because I discovered GA with the 2nd album, because of the lack of never-heard-before content, or simply because I have a bad week. Or maybe it’s just me realising all I want is to see the girls perform on a stage and it will probably never happen again. Maybe the press announcement will get me a little bit more excited/in the mood.