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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. That spoiler tag...

    ...was used with some determination.
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  2. She could at least go for curry flavour.
  3. Nicola's 30th was yesterday and the girls had another reunion



    I gotta say altho it's sad that Sarah and especially Nuhdeen are completely out of the picture nowadays it is cute that the rest genuinely get along and like to hang out as much in their free time...Cant think of many girlband alumni that do that
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  4. Cheryl looks great.
  5. Nicola looked fantastic at her birthday.
  6. Sam


    Nicola is a goddess.
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  7. I just realized "Watch Me Go" is similar in lyrical theme to JC Chasez's "100 Ways". Was "Watch Me Go" written specifically for Girls Aloud, or was it just a track that didn't make JC Chasez's solo album?
  8. SBK


    JC Chasez's album was released a year before and that song was written by completely different people. I don't even really hear the similarity?

  9. Well they were both co-written by JC Chasez, presumably he had some input to the lyrics, and I can definitely see the similarities.
  10. watch me go is amazing and the playful lyrics are everything plus the live performance really makes it stand out..i cant decide if i love or hate that 80% of it is sung exclusively by Nadine tho
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  11. Like! Plus if she were to ever do it solo it'd essentially be the same thing. Though maybe some raspy Kim would add some sexiness! I would kill to see the "We're disco, we're disco" intro live!
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm surprised Sarah wasn't invited to be honest. But who knows the relationship they have.

    Kimberley has nice feet….
  13. I meant only similar in the theme of the lyrics, no the melody or sound. I just thought maybe he had written with Xenomania for his own album, because it seems kind of random for him to come on board with Xenomania to co-write a song for Girls Aloud.
  14. I am in two minds about the Chimola thing.
    1. I think it's great. For anyone in a pop group that where put together to form such a close relationship with fellow band members is practically unheard of! I've never seen it myself - The Nolans couldn't manage it and they were related!! These three seriously care for each other are best friends and thats rather amazing!

    2. I look at that picture and whilst that's great and everything...i can't help but think it was those three that ruined it too. I miss the early years were it was all very equal they all cared for each other and no one's closeness or bond was stronger than anyone else's. Yes, Nadine has her many faults and she has distanced herself from the group most times by choice. But i cannot imagine having to be in this band and be Nadine or Sarah and it showed in the reunion. These three stick together. If you have a dispute with one of them the other two will also have a dispute with you.

    I remember when they always said they made decisions by a majority a 3:2 minimum would be needed for that. It dawns on me Chimola could agree on one thing and no matter what Nadine/Sarah felt about it it would be a majority decision.Yes we don't know them. I don't claim to know the in's and out's of this but as a observer it's very uncomfortable viewing it! It is sad that Sarah seemed to also be saying that Nicola hadn't contacted her or spoken to her in such a while(they've never seemed to relate at all to be honest i know) as well as all the Nadine drama(some of it Nadine is to blame for also). But seriously....just imagine being in a band with Chimola. It's like a mini group within the group. I bet if you riled any of them up the wrong way the other two would b*tch about you also. I still honestly believe despite Nadine not relating no more to Cheryl or Nicola these days that her relationship with Kimberley would have continued if the three duo hadn't been a one stop force.
  15. Sarah's had a bit of a over-reaction and go at Nicola 'No I was not f***** invited', Has posted a instragram picture seemingly aimed at the situation and now Cheryl has instragrammed about keeping Control of the clever.

    Abit of a over-reaction on Sarah's part just because you were in a pop band together does not mean she has to invite her to every party she has thereafter....
  16. That also totally goes against what Sarah said before as she said she wasn't close to Nicola anymore. Why would she care? Apparently she 'told' The Sun but it's probably complete rubbish.
  17. SBK


    In Nicolas defence, it didn't look like a big showbiz bash. Why would she invite Sarah if they're no longer that close?

    If it was full of Z-lebz and the who's who of mid 00's pop, I'd understand, but Kim and Cheryl were the only famous people there.

    Yep, telling The Sun is a much better way of dealing with the situation.

    I personally find in these kind of situations, the best thing to do is kill them with kindness, send Nicola a big present, flowers, make a big deal about it.

    The method she's chosen (The Sun!) just breeds more resentment
  18. Waits for Sarah to be unfollowed off Twitter by's gonna happen!

    I mean what does that even achieve though it's so childish! Cheryl and Nicola unfollowing Nadine was so immature on their parts...I'm glad Kimberley has stood on her own morals and not followed suit.

    To be fair to Nicola she did tweet Sarah when her EP came out, so I don't understand why Sarah's even gone to the papers about this! Maybe there's more to it? They've invited her so many things over the years that not being there at her 30th isn't such a big deal. She was the one who said she understood how close those 3 were so why even make a fuss and then go i'm independent anyways??

    As a group I am disappointed in them all. I seriously thought they were so wise and mature and had learned from the previous drama's from All Saints etc and always said as such but as soon as Chimola formed it was over. A reunion seems even longer away now for sure. The sad reality now they've all made their money and know there isn't much £ left to milk from the Girls Aloud brand can't be asked with each other any more. It's like the reunion they managed to sort it all out for six figure pay outs but once that was all organized cracks were beginning to show already and from then on all it's been just shit stirring back and forth! Forbid how they'd all be if they had 1D level success. Nadine would have her own private plane for sure...
  19. Nicola can invite or not invite whoever she wants to her birthday. Does everyone have to invite people they used to work with?
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  20. By the sounds of twitter and how Sarah is tweeting it seem's she wasn't misquoted at all...
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