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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. She has material that she never got to release after all. She might want to get it out now, just like she wanted to get her book out.
  2. This is really hard--I can't even begin to understand or comprehend what Sarah and those close to her are feeling and dealing with. I mean, wow.
  3. I haven't taken this in properly yet, it's such a huge shock and I'm so sad for her and her family. I truly hope she gets that "fuck off" party. I'm also hoping for a miracle.

    Hope so. Also a reminder that 'Too Bad' and 'Make It Easy' are underrated Xenomania bops.
  4. I think I’m refusing to accept it at the moment. She’s still here, she’s strong and she’s our favourite rock chick. That’s all I want to believe currently.
  5. I’m struggling to comprehend this devastating news, I feel so upset. My heart goes out to Sarah and her family & friends.

    This probably goes without saying but Girls Aloud mean a lot to me and so many others. They were a source of joy for me as a teenager and young adult, and I’m so thankful for what they gave us in those years. Sarah’s talent and infectious personality was essential for the group. I’m reminiscing about certain moments and it’s bringing a smile to my face despite how sad I feel.

    I will certainly be supporting the Hear Me Out campaign, it’s a lovely gesture. I just checked Kworb and noticed that it’s currently at #632. I’ll wait to download it on Thursday 18th.
  6. As an American fan I unfortunately never got to see them live but I was and am still such a massive fan of theirs. I had posters all over my bedroom walls as a teenager of Girls Aloud and I was so proud - they meant so much to me and their music gave me such joy.
    I am beyond devastated to hear about Sarah’s health and I’ve been depressed about it all day today. We almost forget that these people that we look up to are somehow immortal but then when something like this happens we are reminded that they are only human.
    I’m just having a hard time thinking of how I can ever listen to their music anyone else feeling this way? I know Sarah wouldn’t want us to feel this way but it’s so hard to think of listening to their music.
    I hope and pray for a miracle for Sarah and I hope she knows how much she is loved by all of us!
  7. I know what you mean - it's kind of hard to find any enjoyment out of listening to their music right now when it feels like there's a sense of impending doom over it. And it's such a shit mindset to have. I guess I just don't want to admit it's truly in the process of ending - a life, a group, another piece of our adolescence, and that the situation's out of our control. It's heartbreaking.
  8. The posts in this thread make me so emotionnal, it makes me realise how we are all part of a big family and Girls Aloud were our big sisters. Most of us have grown up with them and they were our rock, our shelter. The prospect our losing one of our big sisters is terrible but whatever life expectancy she might get, she is still pretty much with us and I want to take this time to thank her for everything and show her my love.
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  9. Heat magazine have picked up on the story of the campaign for the song on the 18th. Not sure how big their reach is these days.

    Would be really lovely to see it at #1 on iTunes on Thursday.
  10. Since writing the tweet about downloading Hear Me Out for Sarah and I've had so many msgs saying they are going to get involved and it's great coming on here and seeing you guys are really behind it too. It would be amazing if we could all do this on book release day, a great way of showing her how much love there is for her. Any way of spreading the word would be much appreciated :)
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  11. I'm watching the Out Of Control tour and Sarah is beaming. She truly is at home on the stage, and I find it sad she never got to have it as an outlet these past ten years or so.
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  12. Do we know how many downloads would get it to number one?
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  13. SBK


    On iTunes on a Thursday, probably about 400/500?

    Steps sold about 950 downloads to get to #1 on iTunes a few weeks ago and they had over 50% lead on #2 according to kworb
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  14. I’m so devastated by this. I’ve just had similar news about several family members and I don’t know how to process it. It just seems to be everywhere.

    I’d love to help with this campaign so I’ve posted on all my store socials. Is there any specific hashtags or anything being used? I just added my own at this point...

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  15. ADM


    This is just, so sad. Never imagined we would be facing the 20th year with such sad news. God love her.

    I’m in Ireland but would happily send someone a couple of euro on Thursday to buy on iTunes UK for me!
  16. We are going to run with the hashtag #HearMeOut on Thursday which covers both the song and the book release, thank you for your post there amazing & so sorry to hear about your family members
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  17. I am beyond shaken. Like I read from another poster in here whilst catching up on the thread, I always assumed that she would beat it, and that then something would happen and they would re-unite and we'd all still be here bitching about how On The Metro was done dirty and speculating on when will all 5 of them reunite, like the good old days.

    It is beyond surreal to even imagine that, in a time not long from now, Girls Aloud will have a member who has passed on. It is unfair. It would be unfair to anyone and any of them, but with Sarah I feel it is particularly cruel. She has endured a lot of shit in her time, and now this. It's just so tragic.

    Love all five of them, but Sarah always stood out as "the one" to me. Nadine may have been "THE voice", but Sarah was always "the VOICE" if you get my drift. I absolutely love her vocals, my favourite vocals out of the fab five, and she really does kill it when she gets it. Like Nicola & Kimberley, she kinda ended up taking a backseat to Nadine & Cheryl in the press and the public concious, which is just how it goes.

    Until she gets on a stage that is, particularly on tour. We all have our own opinions on members and personal preferences, but I will go down fighting in saying that Sarah was IT on tour compared to the others. They all clearly loved & enjoyed it, but you could tell Sarah was next level and really in her element up there. Even during her time on TEN, which was plagued by her own anxieties, the old Sarah still shone through. My fave moment of that tour is the SKO Bridge between her & Nadine on the DVD. She fucking KOes the final line and, instead of going back to the choreo, just pumps her arms like she's having a rave and was really fucking feeling her bad self. She lowkey probably forgot the choreo, but you know what I was LIVING for her when I saw it! YAS SARAH LEGENDING.

    I'm sorry to dump all this here. I just felt so strongly when I saw that headline, all these emotions & memories just came rushing in and this is the only place where I could vent to people who truly understand how much these 5 women shaped us, and knowing one is dying is beyond mortifying. And that's as a fan whose never met any of them. I'm not sure how Nadine, Nicola, Kimberley & Cheryl are feeling thoughout this time, but it must be beyond harrowing, and my heart goes out to them also.

    I feel like Out of Control, along with Hear Me Out, may end up having a more special place to most of us in the near future, being that it is the album that featured tons of Sarah vocals (in fact, she might have the most throughout the whole album?). I know it'll mean more to me, particularly The Loving Kind, where I think she absolutely nails her delivery and, along with Nicola, is the defining vocalist on the song.

    I'll finish this up by posting this video, probably her strongest vocal serving ever (which had Nadine & Cheryl shook). It's fitting it's ISBY in the context of all of this.

    TLDR; Stan Legend Sarah Harding, the original Rock Chick and truly that bitch <3

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