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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I'm a bit useless... the plan is to buy Hear Me Out on iTunes right?
  2. Yes!

    For the geeks out there, would you know how to contribute to the UK itunes chart from overseas?
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  3. SBK


    I'm not sure you can. Maybe if you use a card with a UK billing address? Dunno if it logs the country you downloaded it from.
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  4. I'm in the US so I can't purchase the song to help out but I can also send someon
    I was wondering if there we could just send some money to cover the cost to someone? I'd happily do that.
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  5. Just playing Call the shots. Fuck. Fuck cancer.
  6. Thing is, each person would be able to buy it only once! So yes if you know someone in the UK you can ask him/her, but that person won’t be able to do it for several people.
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  7. ADM


    I wonder could we do an overseas thing of making a go fund me or a collective donation to something?
  8. @SarahAddicts on Twitter have set up a fundraiser for a charity of Sarah’s choice, she also donated her fee from her interview with The Times to this charity. Maybe international fans wanting to contribute could donate what they would pay for the song to the fundraiser? I would happily buy it for other people but I think you can only download the song once.
  9. I'm glad I got the chance to see Girls Aloud perform live with all five members. I still can't believe I travelled all the way to London from Canada to see them, but it was totally worth it. Sarah was so charming during that tour. I know she was struggling with some things during that time (2013) but that made her so much more human and vulnerable. Whenever she sang "So here I AM... walking Primrose" during The Promise and hit the note, you could see how proud of herself she was. It was like a triumph for her each time.

    I'm really touched by her honesty and frankness during such a difficult time. I also appreciate her comments about people avoiding going to the doctor during the pandemic. That registered with me - like so many things in that interview.
  10. Does anyone have that lovely fan made montage video set to Untouchable from around the time it was released as a single?
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  12. I’ve always loved this montage but I cannot watch it right now, I couldn’t.
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  13. H from Steps has just shared about Hear Me Out it's so nice to see so much support, hopefully can get a few more celebs on board before Thursday

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  14. That montage is so powerful. Girls Aloud were the first girl group and artists I was obsessed with, they mean so much to me. I’m heartbroken for Sarah, I really don’t know what to say.
  15. I think i'm just gonna send her a DM and let her know how important she is and will remain to be to me forever. It's a sad card we've been dealt but I just want her to feel as much happiness as she possibly can for as long she's here with us and her family.

    I couldn't sleep i , was crying so much after I read the article.
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  16. My book has been despatched this morning.
  17. SBK


    Same, hopefully it arrives before Thursday!
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  18. This has relit a whole ass desire in me to revisit their whole discography on shuffle as it's been a while, and god does it ever age? It's still as amazing & timeless as I remember. Call The Shots is still one of the best songs ever made.

    I've been paying particular attention to Sarah's lines, which I just can't help but naturally do in the wake of all this, if that makes sense? Idk.

    What I do know is I choked up listening to her amazing "I REMEMMMMMMMBER" part in fucking Miss You Bow Wow of all songs haha.

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  19. I work in the UK's largest single site cancer hospital. I don't know whether Sarah is a patient here, she may be as I think she lives in this area, but I do know that many breast patients are as young and even younger than her. Lots of them are undergoing gruelling chemotherapy whilst juggling work and young kids. I'm somewhat hardened to these stories as I have to be to do my job, but losing the younger patients is always more difficult. If anyone takes anything away from this, I would say think of charities like MacMillan and Marie Curie if you ever have cash to donate, they support people like Sarah who are battling through the most difficult time of their lives. Some may not make it out the other side but they are almost all so grateful for the work we do. They inspire me all the time.
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