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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I am truly heartbroken. Ever since we heard the news last year Sarah has been on my mind. Girls Aloud are the girl band of my life, and Sarah has always been my favourite one. Listening to the Spice Girls is one of the earliest memories of my life, and they are the blueprint of girl bands however Girls Aloud hold a special place in my heart because I was around 14/13 years old when I met them and it was super radom: it was back in 2005 and I was awake on a Saturday morning which was(is) rare, I'm from Argentina so clearly they virtually unknown here, but there was this TV channel that played Top of the Pops for some random reason and I saw them performing Wake Me Up and I was like "who the F are these ladies? they're killing it". I did not have internet back then (you had to be wealthy to have internet connection at home in 2005 in a third world country) but I saved their names in my brain "g i r l s - a l o u d". You see, they were super important to me because they, along with Madonna during COADF era, re-introduced me to Pop music, I was always a hardcore fan of Pop music but when I started highschool I was bullied so badly for being a Britney and Xtina fan (pop music was heavily looked down on and it kinda still is in Argentina) that I simply stopped listening to them for a year or two (I literally have no idea what I listened to between the ages of 11/12 to 14) because I was just so ashamed of being gay and listening to pop music. However, when I met these girls (and M with COADF) I said "f*ck it. this is the music I love". Then, a couple of years later, I finally got internet at home and I started participating in a Spanish pop forum and they had different threads and one of them was for GirlsAloud and I simply fell in love, this was around the time of SKO and the first GH.
    Girls Aloud and Xenomania taught me so much about pop music and how it has no boundaries if you don't want it to, they taught me and introduced me to EuroPop, in a place where the only pop I was in contact with was the more American/Urban pop from the mid 00s (which I love as well of course).
    Sarah was always my favourite 'cause she just seemed to be enjoying herself so much, especially live. She was this loud, happy, smiling and always laughing woman, who was always giving her 100% and having the best times. She was always a little bit extra and I loved that because I was the same, and growing up in a small, super conservative/catholic city in a third world country was not easy at all, and so I needed people like Sarah to look up to.
    In 2012 I decided to move to Buenos Aires so I started saving lots of money for that, and then the girls announced their reunion and the Ten Tour. I found myself in quite a dilemma, I was willing to spend all the money I had saved to move to BsAs (what is: find a place to rent and live off my savings until I got a job) on a one-weekend long trip to London just to see the girls perform. I remember telling my BFF "I just feel as if this is going to be their last tour". People tried to talk me out of it saying that it was crazy, but I was like "they're my favourite band ever". Long story short, I was actually talked out of the idea, I figured "well, there's surely going to be a 20th-year anniversary tour, and I'm gonna be there". Imagine how I felt after the last date of the Ten Tour came to an end and we got that horrible TW post...
    I just can't believe Sarah is going through this and in such a short time-lapse! IT is so hard and difficult to process. It saddens me so much. I am just glad that the girls were able to move on from the drama and see what is important: that they had a dream, that they succeeded, that they touched so many people's hearts, that they are a group, a band, that they re-shaped pop music and gave us timeless bops and that at the end of the day they can move on from the drama, even if the circumstances are...well...
    This weekend I cried so much reading the news and the interviews, I just wish Sarah can have happy days and that she's able to have the meeting she talked about with her friends and dance on tables and have the best time ever. I'm sure she's getting all of our love and feels accompanied. And we, the fans, we have each other to support in these difficult times, we have their music and we have their memories.
    Sorry for the long post but I am just able to write about this now and I needed to get it out of me.
  2. There is on kobo I pre ordered it.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Do you have a link? (though I fear it's just not internationally available)
  4. Watching the live version of Miss You Bow Wow. Sarah’s enthusiasm is so infectious. When she sings “I remember...” it’s absolute joy.

    It’s why Sarah and Girls Aloud are pop royalty.
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  5. If any rarities are ever released for the anniversary I hope this is part of it!
  6. It was on Apple Books for weeks yet was nowhere to be seen today, so weird. Let's see if it appears tomorrow, if not I'll get it from Amazon / Kindle.
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  7. I really wish the press had shared this when reporting on her condition, to give people that glimmer of hope.

  8. I hope this does not sound wrong, but I hope Girls Aloud can record one song together with Sarah on lead. Not released as a single, but just something special to have.
  9. I'm sure Sarah would love to have a recording studio set up where she feels comfortable at home now.
    She can sing anything she wants.
    Xenomania can combine anything into something new.
  10. I certainly don't want or expect a new Girls Aloud song. What I absolutely want is for her to do anything and everything that is going to bring her joy.

    Jesus, even typing this stuff is traumatic. I'm 33 and I guess I am super fortunate that cancer has thus far never affected anybody close to me. I am really glad we have this space to talk about this. Our relationships with pop music are extremely important to us otherwise we wouldn't be here. Sarah is amazing and we love her and I just wish I could do/say more but I'm not eloquent enough to do her justice.
  11. I'm so heartbroken for Sarah. It's a disease that has taken the majority of my family. My Mum's cancer returned in July last year (after a check-up in March, with no signs of anything wrong) and I had lost her by December. It had spread everywhere, including to her brain by the end. Life can change so quickly. It is just completely gut wrenching and utterly devastating. She's too young to be going through this. My heart truly goes out to her and anyone else here (or family/friends) going through it, especially during the pandemic.

    Sarah and Nadine were always my GA faves. I feel so lucky to have finally seen them live on the last tour. I can only hope through Sarah's strength and determination that she will be able to live her life as happy and as pain free as possible. Hoping for a miracle for her.
  12. SBK


    I've read most of the book, I don't think any new Girls Aloud recordings are on the cards, not unless they did them last year...
    Though she only told / got back in touch with them days before she announced her diagnosis, so they'd have had to of come around pretty quickly with that idea.

    I guess anything is possible, but its far more likely we'll get to hear some of the music she's recorded on her own over the years but never had the opportunity to release. Perhaps the Xenomania sessions she did after Girls Aloud split.
  13. The signs of her tumour shrinking is a good thing, however where it has spread, it is most likely incredibly difficult to remove. I hope she recovers fully because she's been through so much and is such a shining star.

  14. I’m a bit of a wreck after watching this.
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  15. Sarah's book is back on Apple Books!
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  16. Thank you! Just pre-ordered ready for tomorrow. My Amazon order is currently saying delivery earliest at the end of this month...
  17. Liked by Olly Alexander yup! We love a history lesson.

  18. I always adored that little moment at the end of The Show's music video when they're meant to be posing fiercely with their brooms but Sarah bursts out laughing and Cheryl notices and can't help but smile, and they share that little moment of eye contact. So cute.
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  19. Sound of the Underground, What Will The Neighbours Say and Out of Control seem to have disappeared from iTunes in the UK...
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