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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Watching the TV BAFTAs and my heart skipped when Sarah's picture came up for the in memoriam section - it's not like I forgot but just being reminded is still a gut punch. </3.
  2. What is it? The video is unavailable for me.
  3. Yeah Yeah from Messy Little Raindrops.
  4. The fact she titled the album that and released The Flood as a single when Yeah Yeah feat. a known hitmaker (at the time) was right there... the lack of taste dd. She did herself no favors.
  5. TBF I dare say the label made this decision which makes it even worse.
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  6. Not me wondering back into the thread to It's Your Dynabop recognition on twitter and Yeah Yeah stanning. When its right its right.

    Imagine following up Promise This, a 10/10 banger, with The Flood, when you had Yeah Yeah, Amnesia or Waiting available. What were they thinking?
  7. I love The Flood. ddd
  8. Me too. I love the Alias Remix
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  9. I like The Flood.
    But if they wanted to release a ballad. I would have preferred Raindrops.

    Promise This
    Yeah Yeah
    Hummingbird/Everyone/Amnesia/Waiting (any of these as single 3)
    Raindrops (possible single 4)

    Would have been my singles run for that era!
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  10. I would have gone...

    Promise This > Yeah Yeah > Hummingbird > Amnesia

    The Flood is great but I don't think the GP wanted ballads from Cheryl.
  11. Amnesia is one of the only Cheryl album tracks I ever loved.
  12. Raindrops is the track I always skip.

    (it's time the Cheryl thread gets unlocked)
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  13. I wore out Better To Lie imagine had it been a duet with Chris Brown at the time a true hit in the making
  14. [​IMG]

    No thank you. x
  15. SBK


    Yeah, every time I remember its like finding out all over again.
    Yeah, if she was interested in revitalising her solo career a quick greatest hits campaign might be the best way to re-start it.

    Not sure she's that bothered about music these days though.
  16. She should release a greatest hits and a bonus disc with the new songs from the Let You/Love Made Me Do It album for the fans. Then do a cute little arena/theatre tour and festival appearances.

    However I think she would never do it because of the amount of negative press she would receive.

    Edit; the amount of success that she had actually works against her now.
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  17. Its easy to say that now but in 2010 my high school days around this time, Chris was that dude and this definitely would've been a hit in the r&b crowd
  18. Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna in 2009 though.
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  19. This would be amazing and probably the perfect opportunity to not put too much pressure on the success of it. A new era of music will always be compared to her other era’s. A celebration of releasing a complication of her hits and rarities for the fans doesn’t add the same weight.

    I’m here for it.

    Anyway, back to Girls Aloud. We’ve about 6 months away from the 20th Birthday. I wonder when we’ll here details of the charity event for Sarah.
  20. I prefer them as a band instead of the solo thing. Together they just ooze so much electricity.
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