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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. ADM


    This is what makes it all so sad.
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  2. Agreed! I never got into any of their solo projects (with perhaps Nicola as the exception) but as a group they were magic!
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  3. I was having a ferrett around in a used record shop today and came across a 12" Long Hot Summer. It was not priced but was with records that were generally priced between £5 - £10. Thinking I was about to snap up a bargain, I took it up to counter. The git only then went and checked on Discogs and told me a price I just couldn't justify paying. Still a lot lower than the ball park figure online, but just too much for a single.
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  4. I recently reconnected with someone who was another big fan of the girls in the US and we just got to talking about them, especially Sarah. I'm kind of emotional about it all over again. I just re-read the last section in her book and I'm trying really hard not to be an emotional wreck at 10am on Friday morning but here I am.
  5. It’s about time!
  6. Yesss!

    That means all 5 studio albums and both greatest hits collections are at least platinum.

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  7. Pop justice
  8. They have more platinum albums than any other girl band in UK chart history
  9. 15 years today the Greatest Hits tour kicked off. (GAVideoVault on Instagram is a godsend, by the way). I know there’s been mention of it never being filmed, but you can see a professional set up in one of their videos.

    It was such a fun tour. They must’ve been on such a high with the mega success of that collection
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but the professional filming was for the big screens on each side of the stage (you can see the big screen behind in one of the video). This kind of filming is not enough to edit a whole dvd of the tour but I do hope they would at least release bits of it for the anniversary - they know the fans would be so happy with it.
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  11. Ahh thank you, I didn’t even think of that.
  12. I always thought around the time we would have at least got the intro performance of Something Kinda Oooh live on one of the dvds or maybe as an extra on an album or something. (The video not just the audio)

    Ps those costumes were their 3rd best of all their touring costumes. (The superhero and Gold dresses from Tangled Up surpass them just )
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  13. Thank God for that!
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  14. I love that people still love hits.
  15. I wonder if Little Mix will catch up. Confetti is pretty close and Between Us has been top 20 for months now so that could also reach platinum at some point.
  16. Has anyone tried accessing lately? It used to forward you to their Facebook page, not anymore! Now it takes you to the homepage of The Sound of Vinyl!

    Apologies if this is old news.
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    "Your dream of learning about Girls Aloud is about to come true."??
  18. Think you’re on there, looks like a fab website. Try
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  19. Oh wow I’m hoping this is for the 20th!
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