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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. How exciting!
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  2. Ooh please be something!
  3. Give me what I crave!
  4. My wallet is crying already!
  5. Fingers crossed!
  6. TMI


    If they want to release vinyles for the end of the year, they’d better start the production like now, so who knows…
  7. SCREAMING if this is coming.
  8. My wallet is ready
  9. ''What Will the Neighbours Say'' on vinyl sounds exciting but I would really, really prefer some songs from the vault.
  10. It’s surely Ten on vinyl, right?
  11. I feel a 'Complete singles collection' would be better.
  12. I assumed it would be their entire album catalogue on vinyl?
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  13. Of course this comes just after I splurge on a Loving Kind picture disc.
  14. Whatever we get, if it's happening, will be swiftly purchased.
    Most of their artwork deserves to be on vinyl!
  15. With the 2 Greatest Hits, The Collection & The Singles collection I feel that that would be a waste if they just done the singles!

    Praying that it’s the albums in beautiful gate folds!
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  16. Oh a complete reissue set would obviously be best, but rather than just rehashing 10 release a complete singles collection on CD and vinyl with an iconic cover.
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  17. I had Biology on repeat today. What a moment that was. Such a unique pop song.

  18. Their website goes back to Facebook today.
  19. Saw Call The Shots on a ‘Now That’s What I Call Pride’ compilation and think that there were better contenders (Sexy!, Something Kinda Ooooh, The Show..)
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  20. TMI


    I think we all got excited for nothing, like we did with the Sats when they changed their profile picture on social media in April 2020.

    The Sats did release all of their singles with remixes and b-sides on streaming afterwards though, which is something I would really appreciate from Girls Aloud.
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