Girls Aloud

I'd like to know this too.

I believe it was just a bunch of demos.

Yeah if only they'd removed the cover and that other awful song as well and replaced them with The loving kind and Fling my soul.

My disappointment from ''TEN Tour'' is the absence of ''The Loving Kind'' (and of course the unnecessary cover and that song) and the lack of other non-singles favourites as interludes or intros (like ''Models'' on ''The Show''. They could do wonders.
Though I had a blast at the Ten Tour and am so grateful I got to go, the setlist really lost its momentum by the end for me. I loved the concept of the chronological order ... but they already messed it up by the 4th song!

This would have been my idea - while trying to stay as realistic as possible. I loved them using "Models" as an interlude - that idea could have been continued with other album tracks through the eras. I put the Fling/Graffiti My Soul/Girl Overboard medley in the third section, just seemed to fit the best there. Doing the 'fake end' of "Untouchable" would have been so beautiful - and then saving the encore for all the new tracks to really bring it all full circle.

1. Sound of the Underground
2. No Good Advice
3. Life Got Cold
4. Jump
----[MODELS VIDEO]----
5. The Show
6. Love Machine
7. I'll Stand By You
8. Wake Me Up
9. Biology
10. Whole Lotta History
11. Fling / Graffiti My Soul / Girl Overboard Mashup
12. Something Kinda Ooooh
13. Sexy! No No No...
14. Call The Shots
15. Can't Speak French
16. The Promise
17. Untouchable
18. On The Metro
19. Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me
20. Something New