Girls Aloud


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It was the moment that they truly arrived. I know Chemistry has such a rep, but Tangled Up is when everything about them completely connected and translated overall. Like, when I think it's in that list of perfect albums for me

That performance of "No Good Advice" is still one of my absolute favorites - the brand new dance routine, the schoolgirl costumes, the little tambourine dancebreak...ahh!

Vocally, they were probably at their strongest on the first few tours. By the time we hit Tangled Up and OOC - the harmonies and over-singing were already a bit messier...and TEN, especially with the horrific mixing for the recording, the blend was completely gone.
I cannot believe it's been a year today. It still takes me by surprise every few weeks that this is a real thing and she is no longer here.


Sarah Nicole Harding - thank you for being such a massive tangible part of my late teens/20s, and for your amazing voice and personality that will live on forever.

This paragraph from Peter really hits the nail on the head:

And if, during those years when Girls Aloud ruled pop, any of us had been asked to identify the spark at the heart of Girls Aloud — one member with the same chaotic, unpredictable energy that was in so much of the band's music — we'd surely have said that spark was Sarah. A pig wearing a hat could have had a hit with Sound Of The Underground. But could Girls Aloud have done everything they went on to do, and would any of us be the people we are now, without Sarah Harding?
Went through their whole career on the latest episode of my podcast, please check it out if you have any interest! I made my co-host watch Off The Record in preparation hahaha

Great video! Every time I watch videos like these I remember what a force they were. Biology was (and still is) an insane song but they managed to make it a trademark hit and with all the cute, clumsy dancing in the video.

Most of the songs were bonkers though.