Girls Aloud

GA were never about men giving them validation, the lyrics to that song make it seem that a man loving them allows them to not feel insecure or ugly.

"Right now the whole world could call me ugly. So what? To you I'm not"

GA's attitude was more...

"Right now the whole whole world could call me ugly. So what? I know I'm hot"

The ladies are human the end of the day and have insecurities like everyone else nothing wrong with them singing about a partner that makes them feel beautiful even on some days they don't feel that way or have that attitude. Its not off brand really
I know Nadine said this but I think she’s talking shit.

She said the EXACT same thing about The Promise when the label wanted The Loving Kind as the lead.

I could see it being correct - she sang part of the chorus in that early version that played on radio and she said she asked to be taken off! Unless Nicola took her off and she's just trying to save face....hahaha


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Long Hot Summer always felt like Some Kinda Miracle 2.0 to me. If often forget it exists, always enjoy it but out of their uptempos it's definitely one of their least adventurous sounding ones
I can barely recall how Long Hot Summer goes. It only made #7 or something, didn't it, when at that point they were supposed to be challenging for #1.
The amount of LIES I am seeing in this thread about the underrated. masterpiece that is “Long Hot Summer”! Stay frosty!

The intro on the chemistry tour for Long Hot Summer was my favourite!

By intro do you mean the band cover of the Dandy Warhol’s “Bohemian Like You” that had bits of “Long Hot Summer” vocals in them (it happens before that YouTube video)? I’ve always loved it and wished we got a proper “Long Hot Summer” X “Bohemian Like You” mash-up (“Long Hot Bohemian Summer”?).