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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Firstly I feel like I need to apologise for this post being so long! If you like to read about UK sales then it could be interesting.

    The sales from the YouTube video posted on the previous page definitely aren't official. Even as estimates, a few figures are pretty far off what is more likely to be true.

    A summary of the claimed sales from that video:

    920,000 - Sound of the Underground
    720,000 - The Promise
    425,000 - Call the Shots
    420,000 - Love Machine
    415,000 - Jump
    410,000 - Something Kinda Ooooh
    233,000 - Can't Speak French
    225,000 - Something New
    220,000 - I'll Stand By You
    215,000 - Biology
    210,000 - The Loving Kind
    180,000 - The Show
    178,000 - No Good Advice
    165,000 - Sexy! No No No...
    154,000 - Untouchable
    151,000 - Life Got Cold
    150,000 - Wake Me Up
    125,000 - Long Hot Summer
    118,000 - Whole Lotta History
    107,000 - I Think We're Alone Now

    Here's some examples to highlight disparities between the video's list of sales vs. recent-ish official sales:

    I'll Stand By You - official totals from over the years include 235,000 in November 2017 and 252,727 in August 2019. Yet the YouTube video says only 220,000 sold as of this year.

    The Show was on a total of 136,000 sales in August 2021 according to Official Charts, and it was 124,905 in August 2019 - an increase of over 11,000 in 2 years. The YouTube video states 180,000 as its total now, but that's an unrealistic leap. It's only likely to have exceeded 140,000.

    Whole Lotta History’s total was 74,386 in August 2019 (up from 71,712 in October 2018). At that rate it would be approaching 85,000 by now. Yet the video says 118,000. I wish these higher sales figures were true, but sadly not!

    While a lot of the video's figures are overestimates, they've underestimated a few as well, particularly Love Machine. June 2018 = 292,827 / August 2019 = 364,321 / February 2020 = 400,000+ - Those were pretty major increases in fairly short spaces of time. The YouTube video says 420,000 total, but there's surely no way that it's only sold 20k in the past 2 and a half years (considering that it sold 35k+ in just 6 months from Aug 19 to Feb 20). If it continued at the rate, it could be approaching 580,000 by now.

    My Estimates:
    (The figures written before the song titles are the estimates. I've also included the last two known official figures after the song titles)
    973,000 - Sound of the Underground [27th November 2020: 874,000 / 2nd August 2019: 800,338]
    743,000 - The Promise [22nd October 2021: 712,140 / 2nd August 2019: 634,748]
    578,000 - Love Machine [7th February 2020: 400,000+ / 2nd August 2019: 364,321]
    451,000 - Call the Shots [14th February 2020: 400,000+ / 2nd August 2019: 389,409]
    425,000 - Jump [26th November 2021: 400,000+ / 2nd August 2019: 327,322]
    417,000 - Something Kinda Ooooh [31st December 2021: 400,000+ / 2nd August 2019: 341,589]
    253,000 - Biology [2nd August 2019: 214,055 / 22nd June 2018: 200,000+]
    251,000 - Something New [2nd August 2019: 216,405 / 9th February 2018: 200,000+]
    204,000 - The Loving Kind [17th December 2021: 200,000+ / 2nd August 2019: 186,119]
    182,000 - No Good Advice [18th February 2022: 178,000 / 2nd August 2019: 160,517]
    171,000 - Walk This Way [2nd August 2019: 156,200 / 19th October 2018: 152,422]
    170,000 - Sexy! No No No... [2nd August 2019: 150,043 / 19th October 2018: 145,035]
    162,000 - Untouchable [2nd August 2019: 147,858 / 19th October 2018: 144,393]
    142,000 - The Show [6th August 2021: 136,000 / 2nd August 2019: 124,905]
    118,000 - I Think We're Alone Now [2nd August 2019: 104,508 / 19th October 2018: 101,107]
    111,000 - Long Hot Summer [2nd August 2019: 84,121 / 27th July 2018: 75,271]
    85,000 - Whole Lotta History [2nd August 2019: 74,386 / 19th October 2018: 71,712]

    However I could see Something New still having a higher sales total than Biology even though the previously known totals suggested that Biology was selling faster. Something New is currently their 4th most popular song on Spotify whereas Biology has dropped out of their Top 10. Presumably that means that Something New is selling more per week than Biology does.

    Other things might have changed - perhaps Love Machine has slowed down on streaming in recent times and therefore its sales figure may not be as impressive as 578k. We'll have to wait and see if it goes Platinum in the next year or so. Long Hot Summer's total could be less than that because it didn't seem to do as well on Spotify this year in comparison to previous years.

    Last known official sales:
    (The figures written before the song titles are from 2nd August 2019)
    252,727 - I'll Stand by You [7th November 2017: 235,000 - pure sales figure only, no streaming included]
    242,253 - Can't Speak French [24th April 2010: 185,000]
    100,055 - Life Got Cold [24th April 2010: 90,000]
    83,544 - See the Day [24th April 2010: 70,000]
    83,352 - Wake Me Up [24th April 2010: 75,000]
    28,922 - Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me
    (These singles don't have enough recent information to be able to work out decent estimates of what their sales could be now. I would like to think that I'll Stand by You and Can't Speak French are a lot closer to 300,000 by now. I could see 10k+ increases being likely for Life Got Cold, See the Day and Wake Me Up in the past 3 years)

    Fingers crossed that Official Charts will give us some sales updates for their 20th anniversary. Unless anyone here has access to sales and would be kind enough to give us an update...!
  2. I'm going to need this to go viral on Tik Tok or something.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Sexy No No No being so low is a surprise, considering it was a lead. I'm also kind of gagged at Jump's slay.
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  4. The ladies are human the end of the day and have insecurities like everyone else nothing wrong with them singing about a partner that makes them feel beautiful even on some days they don't feel that way or have that attitude. Its not off brand really
  5. I know Nadine said this but I think she’s talking shit.

    She said the EXACT same thing about The Promise when the label wanted The Loving Kind as the lead.
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  6. I could see it being correct - she sang part of the chorus in that early version that played on radio and she said she asked to be taken off! Unless Nicola took her off and she's just trying to save face....hahaha
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  7. Love Machine was released 18 years ago today! Monday 13th September 2004. It's made me realise that it's 18 years since I started sixth form... now I'm feeling old!
  8. Dear God....I bought so many formats of that, even promos!
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  9. 18 years of the girls wearing Topshops summer range on the cover xx
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  10. It's never occurred to me that Love Machine came out the same week as my birthday! What a song.
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  11. The intro on the chemistry tour for Long Hot Summer was my favourite!
  12. Long Hot Summer is such a bop and I'll never get the less than long hot response it got.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Long Hot Summer has one of their catchiest choruses. The video, like a lot of their visuals n n, could've been better and a little less FHM.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Long Hot Summer always felt like Some Kinda Miracle 2.0 to me. If often forget it exists, always enjoy it but out of their uptempos it's definitely one of their least adventurous sounding ones
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  15. I can barely recall how Long Hot Summer goes. It only made #7 or something, didn't it, when at that point they were supposed to be challenging for #1.
  16. If nothing else, after Long Hot Summer they realised they had to up their game and they absolutely did that with their next single.
  17. It fascinates me that Biology already existed when Long Hot Summer was released. Probably not in its final form but very close. I’d love to hear those early versions.
  18. The amount of LIES I am seeing in this thread about the underrated. masterpiece that is “Long Hot Summer”! Stay frosty!

    By intro do you mean the band cover of the Dandy Warhol’s “Bohemian Like You” that had bits of “Long Hot Summer” vocals in them (it happens before that YouTube video)? I’ve always loved it and wished we got a proper “Long Hot Summer” X “Bohemian Like You” mash-up (“Long Hot Bohemian Summer”?).
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  19. Ughhhhhhhhhhh fucking brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. A bit random but has any original artist commented on the Girls’ cover of their song? Robyn? Amy? Blondie? Tiffany? Rihanna at a stretch?
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