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Long hot summer, for me is Cute and in the right mood I love hearing it. However it shouldn’t have been the lead for Chemistry and in many ways I forget that it was.

I agree about the higher vocals @ADM , makes it a bit tame for me
The amount of LIES I am seeing in this thread about the underrated. masterpiece that is “Long Hot Summer”! Stay frosty!

By intro do you mean the band cover of the Dandy Warhol’s “Bohemian Like You” that had bits of “Long Hot Summer” vocals in them (it happens before that YouTube video)? I’ve always loved it and wished we got a proper “Long Hot Summer” X “Bohemian Like You” mash-up (“Long Hot Bohemian Summer”?).
No I was just meaning the extended intro where Cheryl gets to dance


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Not sure how I didn't notice before but is the insert of the pink Jump single a bit cheap and flimsy looking for everyone? I'd almost think it was a copy, but then inside of the booklet looks kinda fine. I guess (since this happened to other pink artwork too) it might be a bit faded, but than the back of the booklet looks just as pale so that makes little sense?
Been on such a Sexy! No No No binge since everyone discussed its 15th anniversary earlier this month. God, it just gives me such a RUSH. It was always in my top 10 Girls Aloud songs (more towards the end), but I think it’s gone up to the top 5 now.

I still scream at their TEN press conference. When they asked a fan what their favourite song was, and she said Sexy! Their reactions were just ‘:/‘.
So apparently it’s a Primark clothing range that’s called ‘The Darkest of Nights Produce the Brightest of Stars’. Portion of each sale will go towards Cancer Research.

The thing that’s got me is of course, the obvious. But, seeing them coordinated too. Literally this time a decade ago it was the same situation with the orange Something New dresses. Just heartbreaking one special person is now missing.
Oh wow, I didn’t see this coming! It feels slightly random but a great way to make money if the proceeds are going to charity.

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All of them look gorgeous in their shots, from what I can see zoomed in. I'm glad it's four individual shots though I think a group one would've broken me.

Still doesn't seem real. A lovely idea though to raise money x