Girls Aloud

Glad that they'll be making lots of money for Sarah. But I do hope in future that those of us with smaller bank balances have an opportunity to attend something. I know we had race for life, but perhaps a benefit concert or something like that in time.

I feel the same, this is an amazing charity event and they’ll raise so much money for cancer research! But I hope we will also have something for the general public and the fans to celebrate her life and legacy. It might be too soon but I hope it’s planned, I’d definitely make it to the UK!
This is…really hard to look at. On one hand it’s an absolute joy to see them together, on the other - there is a Sarah shaped hole and it’s upset me quite a bit, as it will many others.

So proud of the other 4 for spreading awareness and keeping Sarah’s memory going though. And they look amazing.
It just doesn't look right. It's an absolutely stunning group shot (Nicola in particular is serving it up for breakfast lunch and dinner), but it just doesn't look right without Sarah. And I don't think it ever will to me.

That said, I love how dedicated they seem to be to this. Truly galvanised, its very touching.
It feels really surreal looking at this photo. I know over the last few months we've seen all the girls talk about Sarah. But, it's been individually, zoom calls, and the Race for Life in person was 3 of them. So, to see all 4 together - I'm a mess.
Yeah, I'm so emotional right now