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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. It's really touching to see the commitment behind honoring Sarah's wishes and legacy. I'm in such awe.
  2. That picture is amazing.
    I just can't with just the 4 but it is great to see.
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  3. Lovely pic and its heartwarming how much Sarah's passing has affected them.
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  4. She is, she looks glorious.
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  5. I didn't think seeing the 4 of them together would hit me as hard as it did. I'm clearly not nearly as ready for a tour as I thought I was...

    Take your time, girls.
  6. Like everyone said, it's really strange seeing them as a four. At the same time, you can sense the love and unity between all four of them. What incredible women.
  7. ADM


    Sorry but those PJs look so good dressed up. Could definitely see people wearing them on nights out!
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  8. My birthday is today and that being the first image I woke up to was.. a lot to take in. I didn’t foresee starting the day so emotional.
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  9. It's lovely to see them together, but so strange and sad to see them together without Sarah. I can't imagine how they felt posing without her.
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  10. They look amazing! It is taking some adjusting not gonna lie but I'm happy to see them together. When/If they decide to fully reform they my fully support and I'm front and center for whatever they choose
  11. I love them. That's it, that's the post.
  12. The way it’s a classic Girls Aloud photoshoot with the styling made me smile.
  13. Nicola having a different coloured heel to the other girls, just like the Biology cover made me smile.
  14. I can just imagine and see Sarah fitting into the group shot. What a beautiful picture of the four girls.
  15. When this was revealed this morning I just thought “wow”. An audible “wow”.

    The hair is fabulous.
  16. I was stood in a shop waiting at the checkout when I saw the picture and I got actual goosebumps
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  17. So bittersweet to see them together again! They look incredible but like others have said it’s odd to see them as a four now.
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  18. Nadine has got her legs out, just needed “Cheryl’s in a crop top”!
  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It makes me think of the first images of G.R.L. without Simone. Like, it's beautiful to see them together but also an unspoken reminder that things won't ever be the same.
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  20. This is such a surreal image. It's incredible seeing such a strong, stunning photo of them as a foursome, and doing something so wonderful for Sarah's memory, but it's also so odd reconciling with the massive missing component.
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