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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Is this not the original Orchid take? It sounds like fewer voices are present overall, at least to my ears.
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  2. Whatever happened to the Orchid version? I feel like I heard it but honestly can’t remember.
  3. SBK


    The earlier performances were the best, she sounded far too happy the more they performed it
  4. It's almost See the Day season.

    My teenage self could never fully appreciate this cover at the time. This is one for the mature gays with some forehead wrinkles developing and an appreciation for the art of true power balladry.
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  5. When See the Day was no longer their worst single thanks to Beautiful... growth!
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  6. Such a terrible arc. I hate it here.
  7. WHY do y’all hate BCYLM!!!! it’s such a beautiful song, the video is stunning.

    I’m notorious for hating girl band ballads cos I just want them releasing dance music but BCYLM is just AMAZING!!
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  9. Ok See The Day isn’t my favourite but I also love that one!
  10. hmm yes what's everyone's favorite ballad..? being from America I noticed a lot of UK bands do covers as singles.. why is that?

    For me "Whole Lotta History" was the first ballad I enjoyed by these lovely ladies. I love Nicola's verse it makes me sad that in one of their video documentaries she commented that she looked ugly and Cheryl told her to "STFU" lol love the bond they have
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  11. Nicolas verse in Whole Lotta History is one of those moments where my heart bursts. She sounds so gorgeous on it
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  12. I love 'Nobody But You' amongst many ballad genre pushing GA songs, more Nicola moments.

    Management pressure forced many acts to record and release covers as singles particularly in the lead up to Christmas.
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  13. W2K


    Loving is Easy, hands down.
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  14. You mean this version right? Absolute bop (ballad or not)!
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  15. They ain't you hearing tho, From what I gathered out of most of my defendings... I mean discussions of the song is the general consensus of why the song is so disliked here is because I guess Girls Aloud is above singing love songs where their partners makes them feel beautiful and love them with flaws and all.... I digress tho.

    As for my favorite ballad outside of Beautiful it's between Lovin' Is Easy and Whole Lotta History and an honorary mention to their cover of With Every Heartbeat
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  16. Top 5 GA ballads...

    Hear Me Out
    Life Got Cold
    I'll Stand By You
    Whole Lotta History
    Nobody But You
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  17. It’s hard when they are not predominantly a ballads type of band, but 5 (loosely fitting) ballads I revisit:
    • Call the Shots
    • Crocodile Tears
    • Singapore
    • I Say a Prayer for You
    • Life Got Cold
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  18. Singapore a ballad? Even Call The Shots is not a ballad, more like a mid-tempo.
  19. Hence why I said ‘loosely fitting’ the objective. What ballads they do have in the traditional sense, do nothing for me. The songs picked, have just enough elements to steer them into ballad trajectory but still retaining the Girls Aloud brand.

    Nobody is ever going to 100% agree with peoples choices, but these are mine and I stand by them.
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  20. Hear Me Out is their best ballad by far. The way the moody production perfectly matches the lyrics of rainfall and mascara stained pillows... divine.
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