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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Don't get me wrong, those are great choices but I wouldn't call Singapore a ballad
  2. The definition of a ballad is ‘a song that tells a story, and it can be dramatic, funny, or romantic’.

    ‘Singapore’ is a light hearted, wistful story of heartbreak and lost love against a light sporadic beat. It’s close to a ballad for me, but hey, horses for courses and all that!
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  3. If Singapore is a ballad then Wake Me Up is heavy metal.
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  4. Ι remember someone saying that they distinguish a midtempo from a ballad by whether it can be choreographed or not. So if Call the Shots is a clear midtempo and Whole Lotta History is a clear ballad, I'd argue Singapore falls somewhere closer to the former.
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  5. Me too! I remember the clip that they released starting at ‘my heavy heart is beating out a rhythm’ and thinking, wow this is amazing.
    I remember so many of the first play of their songs. Right back to No Good Advice. I can still picture the media player it was playing on on my old fashioned PC.
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  6. It is!
  7. For a pop group in 2004? It might as well have been.
  8. W2K


    I don’t, but that is a bop also x
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  9. Oh wow "Hear Me Out" and "Crocodile Tears" as just mentioned I totally didn't think about!
    "Crocodile Tears" is a bit mit-tempo though the lyrics are emotional like a ballad is but it's still a bit dance like. I'm not even sure what you really do with a song like that.. I listen to that song if I am walking alone in a park or something. It's almost its own genre. HMO is exceptionally beautiful since it was Sarah's goodbye song in a sense I believe she wrote it?
  10. Singapore is definitely not a ballad!

    Whole Lotta History is their best one though.
  11. I'll never stop praising Call the Shots. The song clears my skin.
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  12. How has nobody mentioned this absolute classic

    It could be argued that this isn't a ballad and a mid-tempo, but I've always viewed it as a ballad.
  13. I didn't mention it coz it's one of their few tracks I heavily dislike.
    Is deffo not a ballad too.
  14. The line "I'm cool until reality, hits me in the face and drops the phone in the tea" is kindve iconic though?

    I love some of their lyrics honestly, whilst completely wacky at times they also make sense.
  15. "AFTER A NIGHT OF WILD PARTYING THE GIRLS WERE A LITTLE WORSE FOR WEAR" (or something along those lines) is all this song reminds me of now.
  16. One of my favorites, really.
  17. Also, on the topic of Singapore. I really really love the instrumental, it's such a beautiful song and I can't believe it didn't make Chemistry.

    Need it on streaming!
  18. Yes, I loved what Sarah said about the song in her book too.

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  19. Deadlines & Diets! What a fun song and so catchy I guess it is a ballad I naturally have this idea that ballads need to be dramatic and depressing or uplifting BUT obviously that doesn't have to be the case. They really do have some of the most creative lyrics that someone just mentioned can at first be like "who wrote this!?" but then it makes sense and it kind of takes you back a bit and gives the song a new meaning it has happened to me dozens of times. The one song that I am still trying to understand is "Androgynous Girls" do you have any songs that still don't make sense to you but maybe someone here will give it their meaning?
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  20. The way it sounds like her mouth is positively refusing to pronounce the word ‘steel’ and she has to force it out every single time ddd
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