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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. My favourite song of all time.

    Seen recently that they filmed this one day and See The Day the next or vice versa, no wonder they were over it.
  2. Are there any GA vocals on Mars Attack? It sounds so odd listening to it. I can’t hear them anywhere on it. How would this even happen ?
  3. Kimberley's definitely on it for starters, I'd need to listen again to see if I can hear anyone else.
  4. Nadine on some higher registers.
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  5. They're being drowned out by someone else but Kimberley, Cheryl and Nadine are 100% singing parts of it.
  6. Most of the processes vocals/the little sighs/grunts/what have you are definitely Betty Boo. I think she's prominently on the chorus, too, as well as the "Hey, baby/Just hangin' out" bit. Other than her, I think it's mostly Sarah on the verses?

    On the topic of Mars Attack, are the actual lyrics anywhere? I remember some site insisting that the chorus was, "Got the dance floor shaking to the freaking beat", which doesn't sound right to me...
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  7. Apple Music has that too.

    I hear “shaking to the freak in me”
    Those lyrics are full of errors cos it’s “moving to the flow” not rockin

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  8. Where is that commentary from. Never seen that before. I wish more bands would do this and give real honest opinions like this.
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  9. From the Girls Aloud - Style DVD released around the time of Tangled Up
  10. (all my best wishes, from) Betty Boo.
  11. I'll Stand By You was released 18 years ago today!

  12. Ιt always annoyed me how they kept the shot of Kimberley being behind the choreo at 1:34
  13. Does anyone else notice Kimberley’s shoes changing colour a few times from black to red around 2 minute mark?
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  14. Shall we not talk about Biology's shoes? Every time I look at the single cover my OCC kicks in.
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Truly all part of the charm for me. They look like they're having fun which sells the rather camp concept of the video far more than perfectly executed choreography and continuity shots ever could.
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  16. I like Nadine's stumble at 1:40
  17. I love how most of the girls are smiley/flirty throughout the video, and yet Kimberley just looks thoroughly pissed off.
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  18. 10 years ago today Something New was officially released. I swear it doesn't feel like a decade ago. 2009-2012 felt like a decade though.
  19. Autumn is truly one anniversary after another for Girls Aloud. I associate this time of year very strongly with them.
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