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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Mvnl

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    It's also 15 years of Tangled Up today!!
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  2. upu


    And 15 years of this thread too!
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  3. 15 years of Mixed Up! What a rush of perfection that is.
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  4. It does not feel like that long ago. Over 15 years since I would check Wikipedia almost everyday for new information on the album and it would have fake tracklistings like this:


    Then there was the iconic fanmade titles that would appear: Bring Your Pumps, The Girls Are Back in Town, Just and Only Us, Sexy? Yes Yes Yes!, Kleptomaniacs, Mr. Wrong and Ready or Not.

    I remember it all so so clearly, I probably even have the leaked radio rip of Sexy! No No No... on my computer somewhere dd.
  5. I still use this for my PT sessions!
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  6. Thanks for sharing the playlist of videos, watched through half of them on lunch and will finish later.

    An appropriate watch for Sarah’s birthday today, hearing her and Cheryl comment on the videos is hilarious.
  7. These are amazing. The Sexy!... commentary had me in tears laughing.
  8. "Oh there's my hand again!"
  9. This and the comments about her short hair are my favourite recurring features in that commentary.
  10. Such a genius idea to do a commentary to their videos. I must have watched them roughly a thousand times.

    I feel like they’re the only popstars I’ve known do this?
  11. Steps did it for some videos on their Gold DVD.
  12. I just wish that they had done a new one for TEN that covers all of the videos.
  13. I love how much of the time is spent criticizing the videos and themselves.
  14. WAIT

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  15. Nice appearance from the Girls (“the best British pop band of the last 30 years”) in this - even if they picked what is arguably their weakest #2 single!
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  16. Where is 'Vienna'?!!
  17. Austria <3
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  18. Girls Aloud’s photo is on my release radar today on Spotify with no new release ??? Anybody else have this glitch?
  19. Same. Unless something is coming soon?
  20. I think it's this...

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