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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I'm happy you posted that video, I've never seen it before and it was really nice getting to see part of Sarah's personal life when she was in the band.
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    I can still remember watching Popstars: The Rivals so clearly... I was 11. Lots of life changes on the horizon, growing up, lots of anxiety about things I couldn't quite put my finger on. But having this entertainment show, particularly just the girls episodes, was a bit of a life raft. The live show where the girls performed this felt like a watershed moment.

    The show was no longer young people performing old songs as karaoke. You see seven young people trying to get one step closer to their goal, but Sarah just leaps out as the popstar here, she lights up the screen even in this potato quality upload. You can see a cohesive girl group coming together with her in it when she's between Nadine and Kimberley for the first bit of the performance. It's not talent show individuals, it's Girls Aloud being put together. And then that moment towards the end where the five who made the band are in a line! Just amazing to watch back. But it's not just hindsight, I really remember focusing in on her as the one that episode. We were scraping wallpaper from the living room and I was more interested in the singing contest, of course, to the complete ignorance of my parents.
  3. I'm only realizing it now, but this is so true.
  4. I listened to their albums back to back at work today. Aside from a few early album cuts, they truly didn't miss. Selfishly, I'm sad that I never got to experience a new era as a fan - I got into them around 2018, and there was so much hope for a 20th anniversary reunion at the time. That said, I'm eternally grateful for what they left behind, and that I was able to discover it - even if I was over a decade late!
  5. I think ''What Will the Neighbors Say'' might be my favorite album of GA, tied with ''Chemistry'', but I think the singles plus ''Graffiti My Soul'', ''Real Life'' and ''Deadlines & Diets'' sell it to me 100%. ''Chemistry'' is also as good but ''See the Day'' drags it down soooo much.
  6. I always really liked See the Day.

    I am gutted I never went to see them perform live. I always watch their shows on DVD and wish I had gone.
  7. Their albums and the build up really were something to look forward to, each and every time. Just when they released one quality album, which you would state was the best, they would go and release the next and blow everything out the water!

    My favourite of theirs (and their ultimate peak) has to be ‘Tangled Up!’ I can literally play this from start to finish with no skips again and again. Dark, thumping and utterly brilliant. ‘Chemistry’ comes a close second but for me, it has always been their darker, harder sounding material I prefer.

    I think that is why I was so excited by the trifecta of ‘Something New/On the Metro/Every Now and Then’ after the slightly poppier affair of ‘Out of Control’. Those three songs sit perfectly with ‘Tangled Up’ and they slap so hard!
  8. Agreed and they should have released all 3 of those as singles too.
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  9. Yeah, it’s always funny to think that actual Girls Aloud are hidden amongst those ten girls. A little bit of pop history was being created at the time but no one knew about it.
  10. Amazing as well when you consider that Popstars The Rivals was a bit of a ratings flop for ITV.
  11. Wheww Javine totally carried this performance here. Nadine was good until she flubbed her note and the face she made afterwards was hilarious
  12. ADM


    When... WHEN!!
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  13. 1 week from today will mark 20 years of Girls Aloud.
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  14. Totally crazy
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  15. Fascination using the superior cover, they know what's up.
  16. While I would always choose to have an image of the girls on the front cover than not - I do like the confidence they had in just having the title on the main edition. In a similar way to Beyoncé’s self-titled, they had the confidence to let the music do the talking.
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  17. But wasn’t the story of why they weren’t on the standard cover the exact opposite of confidence?
  18. Regardless of if the girls are on it or not I’d like the cover better if it was actually a better cover.
    As a guy that wasn’t out when it was released I thought it was still too feminine. So being encouraged to buy it because it didn’t have a girlband on the cover was irrelevant when they made it purple.
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  19. True, it was. But I imagine younger girls might have been more inclined to buy it had the girls been on the artwork.
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