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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Should have been single number 4 from Out Of Control.
    Sarah effortlessly serves.

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  2. Exactly this. It came out on my 18th birthday in Ireland. I was going to a theatre play with school that night but we went to a shopping centre beforehand. There was Tangled Up on the shelf in HMV but as someone who wasn't out I was still too scared to pick it up and buy it in front of a class of mostly straight boys. So their idea behind the artwork didn't really work, at least for us. Maybe had it not been purple.
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  3. The fan edition artwork is far edgier than the bland 'normal' cover though.
  4. Let's not kid ourselves, the best Tangled Up album cover is the Call the Shots single cover.
  5. Maybe it's because I'm high, but it is wild to me that the only 2 successful girl groups (GA and Little Mix) to come from talent shows won in December, scored a number one at or around christmas and it happen almost 10 years apart to the day. The coincidence is wild. And considering how succesfull both were. Sorry, very high and listening to Girls Aloud and reading the forum. Please continue on.

    PS. I have been having a moment with Waiting, such a fucking tune. I always thought it was from Out of Control because I wasn;t aware of them until around their last era. Canadian here, so they weren't on our radar.
  6. ADM


    Waiting (and it's big sister Revolution in the Head) are two of their best.
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  7. I don't want to be that girl (but I'm about to be) but there's actually less than 10 years (just under 9 years) between debut single releases - 16th December 2002/11th December 2011.
  8. We'll just have to count 'Wings' as their debut then, which to all intents and purposes sort of is.
  9. Yup. For different reasons both the Tangled Up and Out of Control covers were very subpar, which was weird considering their album artwork had been on point up until then (Sound of....excluded).
  10. I always loved this cover for Tangled Up:


    They served so many iconic looks in 2007, so many missed opportunities for a decent cover.
  11. The Call The Shots single cover is the only alternate cover worth mention.
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  12. The Tangled Up single covers are too cohesive with their presentation for me to single one out as an alternate album cover.
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  13. Honestly some of the greatest ever artwork in pop history comes from Girls Aloud.

    The test tubes, the cocktail glasses, the movie posters, the magazine covers, the telephone wires, the merry-go-round horses.
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  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I actually quite like the Tangled Up one too.
  15. Anyone at the RVT night tonight?
  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Happy ten years of Ten!

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  17. Can someone please link me to the Final Destination/The Show clip where our pop faves are dancing around in the salon while death wreaks havoc in the tanning room!
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  18. I neeeeed to see this.
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  19. I’ve spent the past hour looking through the TEN thread and it’s brought back wonderful, wonderful memories. What an exciting time for both them and us lot.

    It’s just so sad that had the obvious not happened, I have no doubt the girls would’ve released new music, gone on tour etc and we’d all be lapping it up.

    Nadine said in a recent interview that it would feel so wrong to do anything as a 4 without Sarah. I totally get and respect their wishes and have come to terms that a full stop has been put on Girls Aloud (Kimberley’s words from a recent podcast).

    Just made up that we have so much content to always look back on and reminisce.
  20. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I must admit the new Ten tracks haven't aged as greatly for me as 90% of their discography (excluding the ones on their debut that were already a bit dated on arrival). Guess it might be because for once they hopped on a sound that was more current at the time and pretty much all dancepop of 2011-2013ish sounds very of its time while songs like Biology don't because they never did?
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