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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. If you put every single Girls Aloud song into a blender, it would come out sounding like Every Now and Then.
  2. That wouldn’t be a bad thing since it’s my ultimate GA album track (Although I’ve never listened to Neighbours or Underground yet and I’m only halfway through Chemistry)
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  3. Every Now And Then... WOW.
  4. I used the Ten tracks to make a better* version of Out Of Control.

    Renamed COME & GET IT
    Thanks Rachel... also a lyric from She.

    The Promise
    Love Is The Key
    Rolling Back The Rivers In Time
    Miss You Bow Wow
    Something New
    Memory Of You
    On The Metro
    Every Now & Then
    Love Is Pain
    Revolution In The Head

    *better to me.
    Also, The Loving Kind is on my version of a complete greatest hits called The Sound of Girls Aloud and would've been the single in my GA fanfic world.
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  5. I just… don’t even know what to say about their discography. They were THE band. As a gay boy growing up through the Noughties, for me they were IT for me. I hope I don’t overshare, but I had an awful childhood and Girls Aloud for me were a lot of light in very turbulent times.

    I finally saw them for the first time during Tangled Up Tour in Peterborough (summer show) and it was so formative. Just gave me some of the confidence I was searching for.

    Apologies if this is a bit of a minefield haha. I’m very festive drunk.
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  6. I love and respect this so much. I see you and am so pleased their music had this impact on you. So amazing.
  7. I relate to this! When I emigrated from the UK to Australia these girls were my only five friends for a long time. That probably sounds sad but it's true, their music has gotten me out of some really dark places and even now I can put one of their albums on and it instantly turns my mood around.

    I just have so much love for them and they've impacted my life in a way that no other girl band has.
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  8. The TEN tracks except “Beautiful…” still slap for me honestly. “Something New” especially gives me the same rush ten years on.
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  9. How I would've loved a 10 track album with those 3 uptempos as a blueprint.
  10. I’m just gonna die on a hill with Beautiful, Light Up The World and Spice Invaders!!
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  11. I did say “for me”, if that song does it for you then werq.

    Also “Spice Invaders” is a cute stream of consciousness song. I actually genuinely like it.
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  12. Prays for the Beautiful discourse not to happen again.
  13. I wasn’t annoyed don’t worry haha - I’ve accepted it’s just not that popular
  14. It wasn’t directed at anyone, just referencing a previous incident where it got a bit unpleasant in here.

    I actually enjoy Beautiful sonically.
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  15. I like all the new songs on Ten. They really could have phoned them in, but they didn't. They stand proudly beside their amazing catalogue.
  16. I think 'Money' is one of their most underrated and it's gutting we'll likely never get the explicit version.
  17. upu


    I'm still waiting for them to upload it to Spotify along with Singapore, Hanging on the Telephone and the rest of The Sound Of Girls Aloud.
  18. I'd love for 'The Sound Of' to find it's way on to streaming services for 'Money' and 'Singapore'.

    I've always had a soft spot for the original 80's style 'I Think We're Alone Now' as well.
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  19. For me, it's original I Think We're Alone Now >>> Rogue Traders Single Remix.
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