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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. “Life Got Cold”’s mixes have always confused me as well. For my album I use the radio mix from the reissue (while other wise having the original track listing), but I never understood why the proper radio mix was only track 2 on CD 2.
  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I never knew the reissue had the radio mix either.
  3. I understand why the reissue happened, but it's just bad. It gave us nothing worth keeping, considering ''Jump'' was on ''WWTNS?'' and the original cover was 100% better.
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  4. Tammie Brown - Excuse your mouth.gif

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  5. The main reason I said what I said.
  6. The original cover art would look so spectacular on vinyl.

    I wish they’d update streaming with it.
  7. Another thing the original did better? The placement of “Stop” in the tracklist. It felt like correct where it is, don’t know why they moved it “second to last” (“Girls on Film” is just a bonus track).
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  8. In my head the original I ThInk We're Alone Now was like Steps' Better The Devil You Know, all tinny, cheap and lame. But I just ripped it from my Sound of ... Best Of CD and it's actually pretty good! It's really nothing as I remembered. I felt like I always preferred the single mix because it was a bit more like Something Kinda Oooh (and Destroy Everything You Touch) than the inferior original mix, but hearing it 15 (16 eek) years on it's nothing as I remembered! The shame.
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  9. Much as I love Girls Aloud and much like I love Steps I'll be sticking to Tiffany's and Kylie's (and 5 star's to bring them up to date) versions.
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  10. The original mix’s backing track just sounds like a cheap 2006 karaoke version of Tiffany’s version to me. I much prefer the single mix but even then I wouldn’t say I love their version.
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  11. Okay so I have just had various memories unlocked…
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  12. SCREAMING at what they did to Nadine!
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    I was convinced she was in the middle. Then I found her. Then I decided the 3 on the left are all different shades of Nadine
  14. 2014

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    Why out of all their singles did I'll Stand By You need a game n n.
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  15. Ahhhh Enhanced CD games!
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  16. Selena Gomez <3
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  17. I wonder if we'll get a GA20 zip of unheard material from somewhere?
  18. Yes please. From an official release, I'd prefer, but alas.
  19. Fifty Shades Of Nadine.
  20. Create character:

    face shape = pentagon
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