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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever even played the I’ll Stand By You - what was it?

    I played The Show & Wake Me Up - they’re the only 2 I remember
  2. I can't begin to tell you the impact this band has had on my life. I was 11 in 2002, and I'm so grateful that I got to witness the rise and rise of. Here's a little something I created for the 20th, hope it brings a smile on a bittersweet day for us all. x

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  3. I wouldn't be mad if the Greatest Hits tour version of Graffiti My Soul ever popped up...
  4. That. Was. INCREDIBLE!!
    The editing was just mind blowing, loved all the little scenes you created. I’d have been more than happy with that as an official release!!
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  5. Oh wow this is so good. Also, pretending ''Graffiti My Soul'' and ''On the Metro'' were singles with tour videos? Yes please!
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  6. The Show game was set in a salon, Love Machine in a nightclub and Wake Me Up on a racetrack.

    For the I’ll Stand By You game they were stood on these little circles and you had to ***stand by*** your friend so they didn’t fall through the circles. Something like that anyway.
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  7. Twenty years of magic. No other artist in the world has ever meant to me what Girls Aloud have meant to me.

    They are very simply, the best.
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  8. Happy Aloud Day all. The band who led to me joining this forum 16 years ago, introduced me to so many people on here and beyond, made so many good memories.

    And the music. THE MUSIC.
  9. Happy 20th to the greatest band ever. Will be a bittersweet day but I hope we & the girls can still celebrate.
  10. On this, Girls Aloud day, 'Girls Allowed' came on and I finally really listened and appreciated the song for what it is.
    I don't love it, but I used to not like it.
    The good parts shone over the parts I don't like.

    Otherwise thank you for being my favourite artist ever.
  11. Wow this has made my morning! It’s amazingly done and I’m sure the girls would love it! Thanks for doing this
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  12. I just saw the ending. Why Sarah winking made me cry so much...
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  13. This is incredible. All the gorgeous little details around the videos.

    Thank you for making this x
  14. My two cents on the anniversary...

    I don't think anyone outside of the GA fandom can understand how unique they truly were. They were such an explosion from the start and then they became a canvas for the genius of Xenomania to do masterpieces until they evolved into a successful band always playing on the thin line between ''serious'' and ''playful'' sound.

    They started, they played, they evolved and they did it so well because it was a rare occasion where 5 different women work so perfectly together. Playful, quirky lyrics that usually make little sense and are always open for interpretation but always, always so catchy you just can't forget them. Songs that are clearly made with demos on a blender sound so good because the 5 girls always represented fun and uniqueness and they themselves sure as hell knew how to sell them.

    Their music was and will always be my safety blanket.

    I don't think there will ever be another Girls Aloud. Happy GA20.
  15. ADM


    I could write for days and days about what Girls Aloud has meant for me. A huge part of my music love and taste has come from them. I'm such a music geek because of them. I was a closeted spotty teenager who knew how special their music was when everyone else was listening to whatever came on the radio in the 00's, they were probably the only part of who I truly am/was I let people see and now I'm a full on adult who still goes back to their back catalogue, watches interviews and performances on the regular and will argue to the end that they were one of the coolest, most innovate and important bands to ever be, and all from a 'silly reality show' too. I've made peace with Girls Aloud's time being 2003-2013, and that time was so special that I'm ok with it being just that.

    The GA legacy will go on forever (and a night).

  16. ADM


    Sorry to double post but this is incredible. The amount of work that must have gone into this. The Loving Kind hit me in the feels, the tour videos for Graffiti My Soul and On The Metro made my jaw drop. The Promise video with the BRIT win on the screen? Chefs kiss. Congratulations. This is going to be used for years to come.
  17. Wow, a very well done to you this is incredible.

    Happy 20th Birthday Girls Aloud. What a legacy. Hope the girls are feeling very proud today.
  18. This is incredible! Thank you!
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  19. I voted for Nadine, Nicola and Sarah when they were on Popstars The Rivals. I bloody lurked on this forum from 2002-2012 (joined a decade ago this month actually) just to read about them and the members opinions. They were my first ever concert!

    SO many moments that have had a big impact or give me the feels.

    And nothing for the song we do not acknowledge. Incredible work!
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