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Girls Aloud

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. I had a Girls Aloud evening last night, ended up listening to Call The Shots 4 times in a row and then
    Girl Overboard, Some Kind Of Miracle, Love Is Pain and Memory Of You straight afterwards.
    The fact some of their stronger songs weren't even released as singles tells you all you need to
    know about how amazing they really were.
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  2. I was 11 years old when I rode the Life Got Cold train and listened to it all the time on my CD Player.... Until I realized it was actually only the 1st minute on a loop. Ah, the memories.
  3. Has this been on Spotify previously?

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  4. Nicola’s doing the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special!
  5. Still to this day I still don't quite know who does the solo's on All I Need (All I Don't). I'm usually pretty good. I hear Cheryl/Sarah/Nicola. I know it's definitely not Nadine/Kimberly.
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  6. 'No Regrets' has always been a hidden gem for me so to see it included in a top 20 list has made my week. It's a tragic love song about lost love but then it also sounds like an alien ship lands at the beginning and flies off at the end, so could be a love song to an alien??!!!

    and I adore 'Life Got Cold'.
  7. Potentially vocals left in from a session singer. That album is full of them.
  8. And I didn't take that into account haha
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  9. Well this made me silly happy! I remember reading so much negativity around it’s release and people would claim it nearly ruined them and “Jump” was their savior! It was fake news all along!
  10. Xenomania's favourite songwriting technique?

    Betty Boo appears on the tracks she wrote, which is a treat for me. Years later the Annie collaboration was another unlikely (but wonderful) moment.
  11. Nope someone just posted it in the Steps thread as well

    Yeah but one of those people was Nicola, in the Ten documentary she says exactly that and I remember thinking “it was their 3rd top 3 single, what’s the issue” it’s definitely my least favourite single of theirs but I still like it
  12. Wasn't Nicola praising ''Beautiful Cause You Love Me''?
    For someone with such a strong debut album, Nicola's taste in GA music is questionable.
  13. I hadn't realized "Beautiful 'Cause You Loved Me" was slated to be the lead from Ten until Nadine blessedly refused.
  14. OF COURSE she was in Disneyland. I love her.
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  15. Thank God she refused. It's okay but Something New is beyond brilliant so the right decision was made.
  16. I don't believe Nadine with that story. She tells an almost identical story for The Promise.
  17. What does she say was going to be the lead instead of "The Promise" ?
  18. The label wanted The Loving Kind as the lead and she had said something along the lines of ‘well of it’s not The Promise then I guess I’m not getting on this plane…and then soon enough The Promise was the single.’
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