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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by marknyc, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. If it is true though, the divide would make sense considering it would’ve been twice and 3/5ths of the band loved “Beautiful..”.
  2. They way she should have refused unless the single was Every Now and Then.
  3. "Beautiful 'cause you love me? We're beautiful anyway!".

    The magical way I read this in her voice in my head. Only Nadine could hold the whole band's career for ransom over different single choices.
  4. I always loved Life Got Cold - in fact it’s probably the song that really grabbed my attention as a causal observer to full on stan. I always liked when the ladies slowed things down with their winter releases - See The Day is a particular joy though I know they all hate it (well maybe not Nadine).
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  5. Finally listened to some of the Rarities disc from the box set (in order to create the ultimate SOTU deluxe). The demo for No Good Advice shows just how much magic and extra ideas they threw into it by the time it was finished.
  6. Verse 1

    Talk Smooth - Sarah
    and play rough - Cheryl
    you're calling my bluff - Sarah
    empty you're too much - Cheryl
    but not quite enough - Sarah

    Verse 2

    Old lie but I knew - Cheryl
    just what you were up to - Sarah
    feel false, it's not true - Cheryl
    I'd hate to love you - Sarah / Nicola
  7. That was fucking brilliant
  8. Wait, I thought all the girls argued for The Promise?
  9. Wait, is there no Nadine on Love Is Pain?
  10. They did but as Nadine tells the story, she implies that it’s her threat of not showing up that gets the label to change their mind.
  11. Don't think she's on Turn To Stone either.
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  12. I hear her in the chorus, “telling me walk away, what a waste, it’s turning cold.”
  13. Speaking of The Promise, I can't believe I hated it when it came out. Maybe it just wasn't what I expected at all, but it finally clicked with me years later and I absolutely hammered it.

    Teenage me clearly had questionable taste because I absolutely adore it now nn
  14. Nadines verse in The Promise could well be my fave verse from any Girls Aloud track.

    She literally elevates the song to something greater in 20 seconds.
  15. SAME. Actually no offense to the girls but most of their songs had to grow on me. I probably stand alone on this. This could easily be because I am American and their sound is just not what you would hear AT ALL here.
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  16. I'm ready for the 20th year anniversary tour. I need to see them live in my lifetime since I did not have the pleasure to see them back in the day for financial reasons. I need to feel surrounded by fellow fans. I need to celebrate and thank them.
  17. Sadly at this moment in time it’s looking likely Girls Aloud will never perform again. All four of the girls have said so in recent months.
  18. Same.. what drives me wild is that I was supposed to see the TEN tour but I had to back out from flying to the UK due to family reasons and needed to stay behind and cancel my trip. What a huge regret I'll carry on forever. I heard that tour was amazing too. I need to meet fellow fans as well if I actually went to the tour I'd be the fan crying and singing at the same time. I would have lost myself during "I'll Stand By You" especially because of the montage of pictures in the background of them throughout the years,. I'd be holding hands with whoever was next to me hugging them IDC who they are or if they smelt horrible I'd love them no matter what. I need to be with people who know every word as I do. UGH. I one time got so mad at two of my friends because they got annoyed at me and said "Joey are you really playing those girls again they're annoying AF" I got so offended.
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  19. Ultimately I’m glad that they went with The Promise as the lead single because it turned out to be such a huge success but The Loving Kind is a much, much better song to me.

    Also, I disliked Something New when it first came out & I’ve literally only started loving it within the past year. It’s best listened to with earphones, cranked all the way up (similar to Sexy! No, No, No).

    I live in the US now and playing Girls Aloud for people here is always fun. Sound Of The Underground, Wake Me Up, Something Kinda Oooh & Long Hot Summer always seem to go down the best . Absolutely no one I’ve played Sexy! For has enjoyed it & Jump always seems to be disliked which I can kind of hear despite liking it personally.
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  20. Are you speaking of the rumour that GA are on background vocals on My Love Is Better? I thought that was a false rumour.

    Or was Annie in the mix somewhere on a GA track?
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